Superfeet Black

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The Custom Black Insoles by Superfeet are specifically for tighter fitting shoes like dress shoes, golf cleats, or any shoe that has low volume, and fit tightly. Also the Black insoles can be intended for people with flat, extra sensitive feet that have difficulty wearing supportive orthotic devices. The Superfeet concept is to give your feet firm support without the cushiony feel that other insoles give you right away. Eventually those soft ones wear out, but with Superfeet, immediately they start working by giving you better balance and stability and putting your foot in its natural state instead of its conditioned existance. Giving you more energy, less leg and foot fatigue and for some people the end of back pain. If you haven't tried Superfeet before, here is your chance. The Superfeet sizing chart ranges from A-J. Each letter specifies the size of your foot or shoe. Click on size chart. - RockCreek