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Montara II

rated 4.5 of 5 stars My feet are thanking me for this lightweight, comfortable, hiking companion! In a former life, I was a runner. I took up hiking after a knee injury, but my feet have yet to catch on. They have rejected pair after pair of hiking shoes, and much to my husband's embarrassment, insist upon sporting running shoes as they carry me from peak to peak. Hiking shoes have felt to me like cinderblocks wrapped in leather — trapping my feet in sweaty fortresses where they feel protected, yes, but stifled to… Full review

Montara II

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Most durable trail shoe. Don't need an ankle high boot as Montara gives me plenty of support. Use for any distance hiking with or without backpack. Plenty of arch support. Wife has same and is very happy with it. We received our Ahnus at the ADZPCTKO, Lake Morena, CA. I have hiked with mine well over 500 miles and they still hold up and have adequate tread. Even the laces are original. Full review

Montara Boot

rated 5 of 5 stars This boot is waterproof, comfortable, durable and good looking. I've worn this boot all the way to the summit of Kilimanjaro and across various countries in Africa and South America and it has never let me down. This boot is true to size and does not need any break-in whatsoever. The day I first wore them felt as good as they felt yesterday, months after I purchased them. There was no chaffing. My ankles were well supported, even while descending Mt. Kilimanjaro.   I have stomped through puddles… Full review

Moraga Mesh

rated 3 of 5 stars This lightweight hiker has a high arch, and a stiffer sole than many hikers. They have a lightweight, breathable upper. These seemed to fit well in the store as well as wearing them around town. The first time I went on a longer day hike they started rubbing the arch of my foot. I tried breaking them in further but even after 6 months the arch was just to high for my foot. I can still wear them for short periods or times when I won't be on my feet all day, but for a day hiker they just don't work… Full review

Montara Boot

rated 5 of 5 stars A superbly comfortable and lightweight boot. Impressive wearability for long periods of time. This is far and away the most comfortable hiking boot I have ever worn. You know that moment at the end of a long day of backpacking where you just can't wait to get your boots off, and when you finally due it's a palpable relief? Even after a record setting day (for me!) of trudging along Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail it *didn't even happen*. At the same time, it doesn't feel like you are walking on a mattress,… Full review

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