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3.16 Poles

rated 0.5 of 5 stars These poles are not reliable: the lower locking mechanism can fail under intensive use and can be dangerous. The lower baskets are easily lost, which is very problematic on snow trips. They look nice, have comfy grips, and the design is innovative, but reliability is key for such a product therefore I would not recommend these for anyone. I have been using these poles for a while in light use. I chose them because Grivel has a good reputation with reliable serious mountain products. I was shocked… Full review


rated 4.5 of 5 stars A very comfortable helmet that has multiple sizes available. A great helmet for ice climbing, rock climbing, and mountaineering. Comes in multiple colors. This is a great helmet. I own several different climbing helmets and this one has by far become my favorite across all climbing sports. I have a large head and the multiple sizes allow me to get a good fit. Some one-size-fits all helmets are tough for me to fit. One of the most important features I have found is the improved side protection around… Full review

X Monster

rated 3 of 5 stars I've used these axes in mixed conditions and on ice and found they perform very differently. On ice they are the perfect level of aggressive and terrific for beginners as the price makes the sport a bit more accessible, and they are simple to use. Though a bit heavy, they have a good swing, and are very comfortable to hold. Grip tape on the upper handle is essential, but easily added. The picks are very durable, and can take a great deal of abuse. On mixed and rock these perform rather poorly. The… Full review


rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great all around crampon. I have been using my G14 for three years now for mostly ice climbing. It has a semi rigid design that really is good, it walks/hikes better than a full rigid, and still climbs WI 4/5 really well. I find that a full rigid like the Rambos do better on steep ice but then¬†full rigids hike like crap. The points easly adjustable form dual point to monopoint. The bindings adjust with no extra tools. I just use the strap on the heel bale for more control. Overall I would rate… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars I used these crampons climbing and descending Alum Cave trail last week in the Smokies. The traction these things provided was incredible. Used them for about 3 miles up the trail and 5 miles down and they never slipped one single time on the ice, snow, or even rocks. The only issue¬† that I blame myself for and not the equipment is one crampon did pop off on the walk down the mountian. However, I believe this to be my fault for not verifying fit that morning since I set the fit at home at 70 degrees… Full review

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