Hennessy Hammock Hennessy vs. Clark



I switched over to hammock camping a couple of years…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Design: jungle hammock
Sleeps: 1
Ease of Setup: relatively easy after practice.
Weight: 2 to 3+ lbs., dep. on model.
Price Paid: varied

I switched over to hammock camping a couple of years ago. I have several tents and 2 Hennessy Hammocks and a Clark Jungle Hammock. I love them all, for different reasons. I think they are all cold in the winter... But, I'm a large framed camper and lumber around in a sleeping back like an ox trying to get comfy. I found the HH to be the softest of the comparison. My ultralight asym is particularly silky feeling. I tent to have my butt slide down toward the slit if I'm not careful. I've also had major problems with a sleeping bag. Standing up and sliding in gets my bag dirty and it almost always pulls down in the process. But...in the summer, the HH is a dream come true. It's soft, comfortable and cool...very cool. I've had some problems with the fly parachuting and rain blowing under it, but Tom said to slide the tie outs through the bungee rings. This of course is if I know a rain is brewing. Tom and Ann are super nice people by the way.

My Clark Jungle Hammock is a different story. It's made for heavy duty use. It has a rain fly that you can detatch. I even thought about using my Kelty Noah's Tarp to make a super wide fly. The inner liner is great if a wind or light rain comes up. It's shaped like a pea pod and you just sit down in it. I enjoy that more because it's easy to use as a chair and even easier to just sit down and lie back in. A sleeping bag is easier because you can put a liner in, then the bag, and sit down and slide your feet into the bag. Of course, moving around still sucks, but Gary put a pull strap in the head end that helps. For a major storm, this is the better of the two hammocks to have. But, it is a lot hotter. The fabric comes up around you more, there is less ventilation, and the fabric is thicker. I choose to use this one when it gets down to the 60s or lower. I apologize to those folks who can use these in a blizzard, but I think I'll still use my backpacking tent and pad for that cold weather stuff. I can't sleep well in a tent, but at least I can get in and out of my bag and not wake up in a totally wierd position. Other than that, these hammocks are wonderfull. Perhaps a bit easier to use for skinnier folks. I sometimes get frustrated moving around and having the wrong end result. I have found that after I've sunk down into either the HH or the Clark, getting up in the morning requires a pull. So, I'd tie off a rope and use it as a grip to get a boost up and over the edge of the hammock. But, the tree hanger bug bites you and it's difficult to go back! Steve

Hennessy Hammock Hennessy vs. Clark

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