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rated 0.5 of 5 stars Bought a pair of "Big Buck" Herman Survivors 5 years ago used them for four seasons of big game in Pa. probably 5-6 days per year with no complaints. Past season had heavy snow cover and both soles separated from the upper on the walk in to the stand. Nothing like a day on post with nothing between your feet and snow but socks. Would not recommend purchase of this brand at any cost. Boots are labeled made in China and were purchased at WAL-MART. Good looks and 20 days of use did not justify the… Full review

Survivor Tracer

rated 0.5 of 5 stars I bought a pair of these boots for my husband. Spent 70 dollars and they fell apart within a month. The steel toe came out along with all the insides of the boot. I am very dissatisfied and want my money back. There is no way to contact this company and I feel as if customer satisfaction is not a priority. Full review


rated 0.5 of 5 stars I bought a pair of Herman steel toe work boots from Walmart. Pure junk. Save your money. Buy a better boot. These boots are only four months old. Walmart was very rude about trying to return the boots saying I had them longer. The threads on the seams dry rotted, torn, the boot dye came out after getting wet. Walmart usually returns and honors everything. Pretty sad they would not these boots!!! Save your money. Don't buy boots from Walmart. Herman boots are pure junk. Full review

Big Timber II

rated 0.5 of 5 stars They used to be great. Now they are poorly made, and I will be going elsewhere for boots. They used to be a very durable boot. The pair I recently purchased, one of the eyes would break off every time I laced them. Now there are none! I need a good quality boot for my job, so does every worker. I used to stand by these boots. Now I will have to go elsewhere. Full review


rated 2 of 5 stars I bought a pair of the Herman Survivor Hunting Boots and used them 4 times turkey hunting. The sole on my left boot completely came off while turkey hunting and the right boot began to break loose. I would not buy another pair of these boots.  Even though they are a cheap price, I did not expect to have the sole completely come off and the other boot began doing the same thing.   Full review

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As of November 2000, Herman Survivors footwear (formerly Herman Survivors, Inc.) is under exclusive control of Wal-Mart. Herman Survivors boots sales and customer service are available only from Wal-Mart. Please contact Wal-Mart for all customer service (see contact info on this page).

Herman Survivor boots sold by Wal-Mart are not the same boots as the original Herman Survivors.


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