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rated 1 of 5 stars DO NOT, DO NOT con yourself into buying Herman Survivors steel toe work boots. The limited warranty is only 90 days and the boots just make it past warranty to scam you. I was very skeptical purchasing this steel-toe boot. But, I conned myself into it. I liked the tough-looking thick soles, so like a sucker I bought them. However, just 115 days down the road and after working in them, I noticed the leather already appeared somewhat deteriorated. I looked very closely at the boots and noticed how… Full review


rated 1 of 5 stars Brand new, one day at work, got home, took them off and smelled mildew strongly. My feet now have athletes foot. Tried everything to battle the odor but failed. I have very good hygiene and when I took my boots off a very strong odor of mold bursted out, so I bought foot powder deodorant and several different foot care products, but nothing works. I was embarrassed when I was visiting a friend. I had to take my boots off to enter his home, that was the last straw. I threw them in the garbage. I… Full review


rated 0.5 of 5 stars Fourth pair, model Jason. First blew a side seam within a couple of weeks. Replaced by Wal-Mart. The replacement boots as well as the following two pairs all failed with the soles splitting side to side clear through to the body. These failed within two to three months. Cost vs value is not worth the trip to Wal-Mart. Invest your money in any other product. At 56 I can easily out work this trash. Save your money and buy a real pair of boots. These are no bargain. Total garbage! Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Great boots, have not had any problems with them. I have not had a problem with my camo hollow points, fit great right out of box. Bought at Walmart for $49.95 four years ago. Use them for hunting and outside work in Michigan winters. Feet stay warm but can get damp sometimes, No boot or shoe is completely waterproof, even my Rocky boots I wear for work (letter carrier). I like these boots a lot, wish I could find more. Full review

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rated 0.5 of 5 stars Worst boot I ever bought. Would never buy any footwear from Walmart again. First pair of Survivors I bought 28 years ago, came apart within weeks; store gave me a new pair and I had till just a bit ago. Had them resoled two times over the years. I usually buy Chippewa or Rocky $150 and up — get what you pay for. These Hermans I bought at Walmart were $75 about three years ago, thought they would be good. They were touted as a hunting boot, not a work boot as customer service stated, like I used… Full review

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As of November 2000, Herman Survivors footwear (formerly Herman Survivors, Inc.) is under exclusive control of Wal-Mart. Herman Survivors boots sales and customer service are available only from Wal-Mart. Please contact Wal-Mart for all customer service (see contact info on this page).

Herman Survivor boots sold by Wal-Mart are not the same boots as the original Herman Survivors.


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