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rated 1 of 5 stars Do not buy. Brand new and leaked first night. Hillberg USA would not repair unless I paid for return shipping and said it was not leaking it's just moisture! Just did the AT in 2015 and met another hiker with an Akto that also leaked in the same place. Around the vent above the door. Do not buy the Akto. It leaks. Do not buy Hillebeg as they don't support you after they have your money. Full review


rated 4.5 of 5 stars I have had an Allak for two years or so, and have solo camped in all four seasons. This is the best tent I will ever own! This tent has room for me and my gear, great sitting-up room, and after just a few times setting up in all kinds of weather (the video at Hilleberg helped) I can be snug in the Allak within 5 minutes. Never have had condensation problems. Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Could this be the best 4-season, 2-person tent in the world? As soon as I saw this tent pitched I knew it was the "business". It's a Hilleberg Red label tent which is 4-seasons. There is an Arctic Black Label version that is near identical except that the doors are diagonally opposed. In my opinion the Allak is better in this respect. The Black Label version uses even stronger, heavier poles and even stronger outer fabric. The Black Label is another kilogram heavier—too heavy for hiking for me. Full review

Nammatj 3

rated 5 of 5 stars Superlative quality and features. Spacious. Stormproof. A truly excellent 3-4 season tent. If you like backpacking in inclement fall-winter-spring conditions, and especially on trips longer than a few nights, consider the Nammatj. This tent replaced a 25-yr-old (worn-out), 2-person, lightweight, 4-season tent. [I purchased the Nammatj in early fall 2015.] Yes, it costs a lot of $, but I and tentmates have found it worth every dollar. I chose the 3-person model because it provides ample inner tent… Full review

Tarp 5

rated 4 of 5 stars The Hilleberg Tarp 5 is a minimalist shelter best used for lightweight solo backpacking when durability and material quality are worth a few more ounces of weight. As with any open-ended tarp, additional protections may be needed if used in all weather and/or especially adverse conditions such as horizontal rain. If pitched well, strong winds are not a problem as the fantastic Kerlon 1000 fabric withstood a severe windstorm during my testing. Like other Hilleberg products I've seen, the materials… Full review

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