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rated 3.5 of 5 stars Good boot for most! This is a solid boot and to avoid the one con, I lace them really well. However, I have really narrow heels, so heel slip is inevitable in general. The boots are extremely comfortable and durable. They don't show much wear. I hike and snowshoe in them. They even offer decent ankle support. Now if I could find something just like it, but with an even narrower heel. For most with average feet, these will fit very well. Full review

Island Pro MFS

rated 2 of 5 stars Very disappointed. Brought them a few years ago now and with very little use found signs of the soles coming off, to a point where they are unusable. Have about five pairs between a few mates, with two pairs failing the same way. Happy to provide photos. They were my second pair with my first pair just too small, my mistake. So could I recommend them? Probably not. Google the problem and read for yourself. Maybe there was a manufacture or material change. I don't know, but I won't risk the money… Full review

Ascona Identity

rated 5 of 5 stars Wonderfully comfortable leather shoe. This is a beautifully strong leather shoe, on trail, dog walking, casual wear. It is with a leather lining that forms to your foot over time. The leather is beautiful, with natural markings, and the construction second to none. Typical of Meindl's "Made In Germany" quality, this is the kind of shoe to wear for hurting feet. It is well made, and although comfortable out of the box, will take a bit to break in and soften and mold. I use it for light trail, dog… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Great quality hiking boot made in Germany These are relatively lightweight (880 grams), all leather, versatile hiking boot that are rated "B" by Meindl, as an average surface hiking boot. I use it for day hiking and have tested it in the snows of Maine all winter.   It is leather lined, not Gore-tex, which means the leather lining has been molding to my foot. The fit reminds me of a well-fit and well broken into ice skate, which, for players, feels like an extension of the foot. In the USA, I have… Full review

Nepal Pro

rated 0.5 of 5 stars Steer clear, comfortable boot but the soles rot in about 12 months and fall apart Soles fall apart and rot after moderate use. After sales service is arrogant and rude. Much better value around and without the attitude of Stager Sports New Zealand. Terrible representative of a once good brand. Full review

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