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SynMat UL 7

rated 5 of 5 stars Warm and quiet. Gives a good night's sleep. Have used this for a number of years now and will be replacing my current one with a newer one (wider model, at 65cm rather than 52). I have looked at many alternatives and tried a few in shops. For a lightweight and warm mat this is quiet (I am surprised at someone describing it below as noisy, not my experience at all). I am a light sleeper but this mat has never given me cause to curse! In comparison I tried a Sea to Summit mat as the specs looked… Full review

Bivybag VentAir/PU

rated 3 of 5 stars If you plan on sleeping in hot weather get something that keeps the fabric off your body and allows for windflow/airflow. I don't like the flexible wire, cannot seem to get the hood to stay off my face, it doesn't breathe as well as what I had hoped, but is it the most breathable bivy bag available (40000MVTR—found this out by emailing staff in America). I don't like it because I don't like fabric touching my face in general, not only that, but the fabric has to be super breathable and super air… Full review

SynMat Hyperlite Duo

rated 5 of 5 stars My wife and I have owned this mat now for just over two months, and our one-word opinion of this mat went from questionable to incredible. We bought this mat in December of 2016, getting ready for a two-year trip where we will be visiting conservation destinations around the world, many of which will be national parks, and in many of which we'll be camping. We've been using two ultralight Thermarests for the last several years, which have been great, and when reviewing every opportunity to cut down… Full review

MegaMat 10

rated 4.5 of 5 stars As good as a bed at home. Fantastic insulator in cold weather. We also use it as a guest bed at home, which helps offset the cost. We use the joiners it comes with and a queen sheet and have never had a complaint and our guests are fussy! Half a star off because it is HUGE when you are tight for space on a trip. SIDE NOTE: My kids were using it as a slide and managed to create a significant tear. Fixed at no charge by EXPED which he was great (I paid to ship it to them). Full review

Vela I Extreme

rated 4.5 of 5 stars I brought this tent on my one-year backpacking trip from Ushaia to Deadhorse, and have to say — it is the best HOME you can carry! The LARGE space inside convinced me on the buy (much more space in front of the inner tent than in other brands). A very complete product I can warmly recommend to any long-term traveler! The tent is a very simple build, nothing can break and it is possible to pitch in under two minutes, with a dry inner tent even in the rain. Tough Patagonian winds and wet Alaskan… Full review

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Exped was founded in 1983 as a distributor of outdoor brands in Europe. Since 1997, the Exped team has designed and built specialized gear for the active outdoor enthusiast. Exped is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and Seattle, USA.

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