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rated 3.5 of 5 stars Modern, attractive, affordable, and durable. However they are so stiff and high I never felt sure-footed wearing them in dangerous steep country. I bought a pair of these to replace my Meindl Makalu Pros, which were great boots that I managed to wear out pretty quickly. Straight off the bat I was impressed with the light weight of the Scarpas. Experienced hikers will know that the lighter the boots you have, the more energy you will have at the end of the day. I'm always worried about blisters,… Full review


rated 2 of 5 stars Used this for hiking, several hikes in the Lakes and Snowdonia, the Inca Trail, and about two short hikes in Southern Africa. I gave it two stars merely because I did a fair amount of hiking with it, but was ultimately shocked when they suddenly fell to pieces. They were also hot, slippery, and got waterlogged easily. Shoe seemed to fit well on the whole. However, waterproofing does not work—water gets in (maybe through the top of the shoe?) and then the waterproofing stops it from ever getting… Full review


rated 4.5 of 5 stars Warm, stiff, and light for a double boot. Sadly no longer made, but these boots are exceptional and can be bought at bargain prices these days. I've led up to WI4 with no trouble and I'm sure a more experienced ice climber could climb much harder than that with these. Also took these to the Tien Shan twice and had no complaints about warmth, comfort, or climbing ability. Only went to 5100m but I reckon these would do 6000m and beyond pretty comfortably. Kept up with my friend's swanky lightweight… Full review

Terra GTX

rated 4 of 5 stars A quality product, with a somewhat old school/traditional "style", that is made of unusually thick/excellent-quality leather that fits me out of the box pretty much instantly. Scarpa is an old-school manufacturer that produced this well-priced boot which works very well almost anywhere. Well-priced does not mean inexpensive should you be on a strict budget...I rarely see these on sale and $250 is a fair, full retail, price for what you get.  Wet or dry this boot can endure most things and work… Full review


rated 1 of 5 stars How Scarpa is getting away with churning out this crap is beyond me! My pair also failed dramatically. The sole just peeled away from the boot after a few hundred miles. I thought the sole wore away quickly as well. The photo was taken in early August this year, I bought them in 2012. Whilst they were five years old, they had not done many miles at all as I now have trouble with my knees and used them primarily for paragliding. I see that some people have had a positive experience with these boots,… Full review

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