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Tri-Leg Stool

rated 5 of 5 stars A great little stool for your backpacking trips. Not too heavy, but very durable. I bought one of these stools for myself when I was planning a backpacking trip and didn't want to sit on the ground. I was concerned that the stool might not support my weight (208 lbs), but it didn't have an issue. No creaking or groaning when I sat down. The added webbing around the bottom of the legs also provides additional support which I think is a great idea.  The fabric on the seat is heavy duty and appears… Full review

Chaos 3

rated 4 of 5 stars This is a well made and durable tent that is easy and quick to set up. The rain fly creates two dry vestibules to store gear allowing for more available room in the tent. I purchased the tent from a discount site at a 20-30 percent discount, which made it a great value! I bought the tent about eight months ago and have used it for a total of about three weeks. I haven't used it for a backpacking tent, so I can't review it in that regard. However, if you just used the rainfly and footprint, you could… Full review

Zenith 2 AL Tent

rated 4 of 5 stars Excellent value...quality materials, good design In the midst of making future plans to Thru-Hike the AT I figured I needed a newer, lighter weight 2-man backpacking tent (have a North Face Westwind bought in 1982). I'm not crazy weight conscious so a few extra pounds are fine for added comfort.  Saw this tent on Sierra Trading Post, seemed the right size and style, and with a coupon it was the deal of the century ($84 and free shipping). Set it up in my living room...determined it would take a… Full review

Desert Pine 20

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A solid and affordable starter bag that performs ably. Full disclosure: I've had mine for closing on five years now. Take this review both as a testament to its performance and durability. Keep in mind that the model of bag may have changed for the better or worse since I bought mine. ALPS products are, overall, pretty solid offerings in the entry to mid-grade market. They're not as light, compact, or elegant as some of the competition with fancy brand names. They are, however, performing, durable,… Full review

Echo Lake -20

rated 3 of 5 stars A very warm and comfortable sleeping bag. While the Echo Lake -20 does the job, there are some things that could have been done better. I bought the ALPS Mountaineering Echo Lake -20 sleeping bag in October for dead-of-winter camping. Unfortunately we've had a very mild winter so far, and it wasn't until this past week that we've seen subzero temps. There's no sense in testing equipment if you're not going to approach or push the envelope, right? This past Monday and Wednesday nights were forecast… Full review

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