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Community Rules and Guidelines

Trailspace is open to anyone who wants to discuss gear, skills, and practices for backcountry hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, paddling, trail running, and other human-powered outdoor activities.

When you post on Trailspace you agree to abide by the Community Rules and Guidelines below, as well as the Gear Review Rules and Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Any post that violates these rules may be removed by moderators, and offending users may be banned from posting.

  1. Be honest.
    Tell the truth. Be credible. Write what you know. Do not hide relevant facts or information. Do not post any information that you know is false, inaccurate, misleading, or that you don’t have permission to post. Be trustworthy. Be ethical. Be a fair, decent, and honest community member.

  2. Treat others with respect.
    Listen to others’ points of view, opinions, and experiences. Refrain from rushing to judgment of any Trailspace community member or guest poster.

  3. Keep it clean.
    Trailspace is a family-friendly site and all content must adhere to that standard. Keep it clean and appropriate for all users at all times. Do not post profane, foul, lewd, or inappropriate language, images, or links.

  4. Be yourself.
    Fellow members want to know and trust you. Be authentic, sincere, and honest. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or otherwise misrepresent your true identity.

    If you have any personal or professional relationship with an outdoor company or its competitors, say so in your member profile and in all relevant posts or reviews.

  5. Be civil and polite.
    Even if you disagree with someone (and you will), keep your differences of opinion civil and polite. You can disagree without being disagreeable. Remember, Trailspace is a community; be a positive part of it.

  6. Stay on topic. Be constructive.
    Do not repeat the same points over and over ad nauseam, but contribute positively and help move conversations forward. Use the Off-Topic Forum for non-backcountry topics. Start a new thread in the appropriate forum when necessary.

  7. Be willing to learn.
    No matter how vast your experience is, be willing to listen and learn from others.

  8. Think before you submit.
    Your post will remain visible long after the current discussion has ended. Consider how your words and actions will reflect on you in the future. Feeling heated about a topic or comment? Wait to cool off before posting. Or just let it go.

  9. Avoid personal attacks.
    Refrain from name-calling or personal digs or attacks. Do not intentionally offend or attack another person. Do not post inflammatory, derogatory, malicious, dishonest, or harassing remarks. Do not bait, troll, or taunt. Avoid sniping, snide, or insulting comments. Do not slander or hold a grudge. Do not be a jerk.

    On the flip side, just because someone disagrees with you, don’t assume it’s personal. Not everyone on Trailspace will agree, but you must be civil.

  10. Know when to let it go.
    Not all topics and discussions on Trailspace will come to a complete and satisfactory conclusion. You do not need to pass judgment on every topic. Nor do you need to have the last word on a certain topic. Know when to move on.

  11. Respect others’ privacy.
    Do not post or share personal information about others without their permission. Do not send or post spam or other unsolicited communications to others.

  12. Post only non-commercial content.
    Do not post advertising, commercial or promotional posts, paid links, affiliate marketing, fundraisers, or crowdfunding solicitations in the forums or gear reviews.

    The Classifieds Forum is the sole exception. Here individuals (but not businesses or individuals posting on behalf of a business) may buy, sell, and trade gear.

  13. Disclose industry relationships.
    If you have any personal, professional, or commercial affiliation or relationship with an outdoor company, its products, or its competitors, you must fully disclose that relationship in your member profile and in any relevant posts or reviews.

  14. Keep it legal.
    Do not post any information that violates any law, statute, ordinance, or regulation or promotes illegal or unethical activity.

  15. Respect copyrights.
    Post only your own original content. Do not post images, news articles, gear reviews, or any other published or copyrighted content without permission. Give proper credit when quoting sources.

  16. Use one account only.
    Do not set up a second account to hide behind or to replace an account that has been banned or placed in timeout.

    Do not share your login information with anyone else, and do not sign in using someone else's account.

  17. Respect moderators’ decisions.
    Trailspace retains the right to move, edit, or delete any content that violates the Community Rules and Guidelines, Gear Review Rules and Guidelines, or Terms of Service.

    Do not re-post or re-edit any content that has been deleted or edited by Trailspace’s moderators or administrators. Discussions about moderator or administrator actions are welcome in an email, but may not be discussed in public forums.

    Trailspace and its administrators and moderators may take action, including banning anyone who does not comply with these terms, at their discretion.

    If you have an issue to bring to our attention, please send us an email, so we can help resolve it.

  18. Have fun.
    Trailspace is about getting outside and enjoying the backcountry. Don’t take yourself—or anyone else here—too seriously.

To sum up:
Please, be on-topic, honest, constructive, and nice to others.

Rev. 7/14/21