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The best traction devices, reviewed and curated by the Trailspace community. The latest review was added on November 1, 2018. Stores' prices and availability are updated daily.

Recent Traction Device Reviews

Kahtoola MICROspikes

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Top notch outer foot gear with outstanding customer service. I use mine during ice fishing season. They're part of my ESSENTIAL GEAR LIST. I wouldn't consider venturing onto the ice without them. They've saved me from slipping and falling dozens of times. I've been ice fishing for decades and have tried a number of other brands. All were disappointing, but hands down, these are the best. Full review

Kahtoola MICROspikes

rated 5 of 5 stars Pretty sure these saved my life numerous times. Used these on many snow covered cliffs and steep mountainsides. These spikes give you sure footing when crossing sketchy areas. Full review

Kahtoola MICROspikes

rated 5 of 5 stars Would I buy them again? Without a doubt! Would I recommend them? Absolutely! I've been using MicroSpikes for about 8 years. I'm a police officer in an area where sudden freezing rains occur and in the span of 30 seconds you go from wet pavement to black ice. They are a life saver. They stow away in my gear bag and take seconds to put on. You can drive in them, which makes rendering aid to stranded motorists quick and easy. Although a little pricey when compared to other traction aids initially,… Full review

Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultras are a really well made product that performs well on icy trails. These type of trail crampons really enable you to enjoy hiking whenever your favorite trails are icy and are really great to have and share with a friend to give them a little greater confidence in following you out on an icy springtime hike. I have had a pair of these Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultras and also a pair of the Hillsound FreeSteps6 and found them a great addition to my pack and have really… Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars The STABILicers Hike XP are perfect for the snow and ice on sidewalks or trails. Easy on and off makes them useful where the conditions may vary from snow/ice and then transition to hard surfaces where you want to just remove them. They slip over your winter shoes or boots easily. These slip-on traction devices worked very well this winter while we were walking in our neighborhood in Truckee, California. Although the roads were often plowed, the surface of the road, and our sloping driveway remained… Full review

Yaktrax Pro

rated 1 of 5 stars They are awful and I was more scared with them on walking on ice and snow, than with them off. They are made durable, and they are worth the price. However walking in a non-ice or non-snow sidewalk and street can do damage to your walking, and it is highly not recommended. Full review

Kahtoola MICROspikes

rated 5 of 5 stars No better traction device made, short of full crampons. This is my fourth winter season with the same Microspikes and they are now approaching 2,000 miles of trail running. I get some great stares from folks slipping and sliding along the trails as I run by at full tilt :) I've never had them come off. They easily pull on and off. The only maintenance I do is touch them up with a file about twice each winter. In addition to trail running they go in the pack for early season hiking when there is… Full review

Kahtoola MICROspikes

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Good device in between a Yaktrak and mountaineering crampon. I used a pair of the very inexpensive YakTrax exactly one time and decided to find something more substantial after the YakTrax kept getting dislodged from my boots while hiking relatively tame trails. In my search for a better traction device, but not a full-on crampon, I found the Kahtoola Microspikes. I've used a set of Microspikes now for around three years. Lots of rough, steep, rocky, icy, and snowy off-trail stuff here in the foothills… Full review

Korkers Ice Cleats Extreme

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Perfect for well packed or travelled snowy trails. I have been using these Korkers (or a version of them) for several years now. They are perfect for my needs, which are: Long-lasting, I use them daily taking clients (and putting them in them) on packed icy canyon trails. They're easy to put on and off and come in different sizes. The cleats can be easily replaced if they become dull or if you lose some on a cat walk. Can be left in a pack without worrying about other gear Darwin says you don't… Full review

user rating: 5 of 5 (14)
Hillsound Trail Crampon
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (31)
Kahtoola MICROspikes
$52 - $69
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (15)
Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (2)
Hillsound Cypress 6
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Petzl Spiky Plus
$10 - $34
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
STABIL icers Lite
$18 - $55
user rating: 4 of 5 (3)
Hillsound FreeSteps6
user rating: 4 of 5 (3)
ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip
$27 - $44
user rating: 4 of 5 (2)
ICEtrekkers Chains
user rating: 4 of 5 (1)
STABIL icers Hike XP
user rating: 3.5 of 5 (3)
Kahtoola NANOspikes
$40 - $49
user rating: 3.5 of 5 (1)
Vargo Titanium Pocket Cleats
user rating: 3.5 of 5 (1)
Korkers Ice Cleats Extreme
user rating: 2.5 of 5 (12)
Yaktrax Pro
$19 - $29
user rating: 2 of 5 (1)
Yaktrax Walker
$10 - $19
STABIL icers OverShoe Traction Device / Overboot
$42 - $120
CAMP Chainsen Pro
$30 - $32
Korkers OmniTrax v3.0 IceTrac Extreme
La Sportiva A.T. Hobnails
STABIL icers Sport
$5 - $34
Korkers OmniTrax v3.0 IceTrac
STABIL icers OverShoe Replacement Cleats
Crescent Moon Permagrip
Yaktrax Run Winter
$25 - $39
STABIL Bean Traxx
Stubai 6 pt. Crampon
Grivel Spider
$32 - $35
STABIL icers Maxx
Stubai 4 pt. Crampon
CAMP Chainsen Light
$39 - $44
Icebug Trail BUGweb
Icebug Easy Street BUGweb
user rating: 5 of 5 (2)
DIY: Sheet Metal Screws
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (3)
STABIL icers Original
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Icespike Shoe Spikes Package
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Trango Ice Walker 6-Point Crampon
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (1)
Snowline Chainsen Pro
user rating: 3 of 5 (6)
Yaktrax XTR Extreme
AustriAlpin Power Grip
CAMP 6 Point Light Crampons
Patagonia Stud Kit
Korkers Ultra Ice Cleats
DryGuy MonsterGrip
$25 MSRP
ICEtrekkers Spikes
STABIL icers Walk
Petzl Crab 6
$80 MSRP
CMI Instep Crampon
CAMP Quattro Crampons
$55 MSRP
L.L.Bean Stabilicer Maxx
CAMP 6 Point Steel Crampons
$60 MSRP