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Sleds and Pulks

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Ed's Wilderness Systems Snow Clipper

A Review of Ed’s Wilderness Systems Snow Clipper Pulk by A pulk (from Finnish pulkka; Scandinavian for a low-slung sled) is used to carry supplies or transport a child over snow. In the right circumstances a pulk offers advantages over backpacking. It is an easy way to move a lot of gear; more gear than one can comfortably stash in a backpack. So if you are setting up a base camp, hauling supplies to a cabin or outfitting a scout troop, you might consider a pulk. The addition… Full review

rated 5 of 5 stars
Granite Gear Pulk Sled

The right size pulk for a winter camp. I have owned a Granite Gear Pulk more than a half dozen years now. I love it. I needed to get groceries from the truck to my remote location residence in the mountains. I tried a kid's plastic sled first, carefully "postholing" to step in the same step, holding the edge of the plastic sled, scooting the sled along. My Akita was very interested in the proceedings. I thought there must be a better way, but, I admit my first thought was a skijorn harness for my… Full review

rated 5 of 5 stars
Brooks-Range Ultralite Rescue Sled

If there is any one piece of equipment that I think is lacking from most backcountry skier's packs, it is a portable rescue sled. The ability to travel independently is the essence of backcountry skiing.  It is our responsibility to demonstrate this independence in times of trouble, not just times of reward.   In other words, it's awesome that you can escape the crowds and find your own powder. Now, can you get yourself out of a jam? I am a Brooks Range ambassador, so I admit some bias. But the… Full review

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