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Rossignol BC 120

Lightweight, responsive, lots of fun :) I’m having a blast with my Rossi BC 120’s. They’re very light and I feel a nimbleness when wearing them. So far I’ve… Full Review »

Merrell Men's MQM Flex

The Merrell MQM Flex is a pleasant surprise and a good value. Not quite a trail runner, the MQM Flex is a moderately priced, non-waterproof light hiking shoe that… Full Review »

Black Diamond HeavyWeight WoolTech Liner

The Black Diamond HeavyWeight WoolTech glove liners provide good hand dexterity in cool weather (sub 40°F), while also work as a liner under a heavier glove or… Full Review »

Gore Women's H5 Gore-Tex Active Hooded Jacket

The Gore H5 Gore-Tex Active Hooded Jacket is a lightweight, functional and very comfortable waterproof shell designed for "fast hiking." It served perfectly as… Full Review »

Black Diamond Men's Solution 150 Merino Base 3/4

Black Diamond's Solution 150 Merino Base 3/4 is a lightweight, polyester-reinforced merino wool base layer. Cool enough to wear under light shell clothing for high… Full Review »

Black Diamond Men's Solution 150 Merino Base Crew

Black Diamond's Solution 150 Merino Base Crew is a lightweight, polyester-reinforced merino wool base layer. Cool enough to wear under light shell clothing for… Full Review »

Camp Chef Stryker 100 Isobutane Stove

Quality build and everything fits inside, including 8-ounce fuel canister. I bought this stove to replace my JetBoil in which first the piezo igniter quit, and… Full Review »

The North Face Lightrider

Durable, warm, relatively lightweight, very comfortable mummy, small pack size, all-around good summer bag. I have and regularly use four mid '80s era (red label)… Full Review »

Hilleberg Anjan 2

TENT DESIGN UPDATED IN 2017 Tough weather protection for a three-season tent. I ordered and received my Hilleberg Anjan 2 in early 2018, to complete the last half… Full Review »

Patagonia Men's Retro Pile Vest

A versatile insulator. From cutting the chill on a spring day to augmenting core warmth on really cold ones, this soft, comfortable fleece does the job. Don't expect… Full Review »

Lowa Men's Renegade GTX Mid

Great boots, my Scarpa mustangs died after ten years with detached soles at the rear, these taking their place, to travel to Canada (Montreal and Quebec) into the… Full Review »

Black Diamond Storm 375

A great all-round headlamp with a broad range of lighting options for different situations, including low intensity flood light for tent and hut use, a moderately… Full Review »

Gransfors Bruk Outdoor Axe

Lightweight, a fantastic chopper and splitter...much better and lighter than a large Bowie-style knife for bushcrafting and camping chores. A joy to use. This is… Full Review »

Estwing Camper's Axe

A decent light axe for minor felling, chopping, and splitting...but doesn't compare to a good HB or GB. I bought one of these a few years ago, and have used it… Full Review »

Osprey Aether AG 70

Very comfortable 73-liter backpack with advanced harness, which basically helps you carrying up to 50 lbs/25 kg with comfort. Lots of pockets, compartments, and… Full Review »

Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault

The Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault is a multi-functional, durable pack that is big enough (27L) for day hikes and daylong hunting trips, yet hosts additional features,… Full Review »

Hilleberg Nallo 3

The Nallo 3 is a well suitable tent for weight-conscious trips in severe conditions, offering comfort, weather resistance, and durability in a reasonably lightweight… Full Review »

Grand Shelters IceBox Igloo Tool

I've been building with this each winter, 1-2 per season, since 2012 in Banff National Park. Great tool once you've learned the fine details! Ideally you'd build… Full Review »

New Balance BM1000BK

Waterproof, insulated, and supportive. These boots were surprisingly comfortable right out of the box. The treated suede and nylon mesh uppers are light and supportive,… Full Review »

Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse Harness Jacket

The Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse harness jacket is a unique item in the world of dog gear—a single jacket-harness combination, providing thick and warm protection from… Full Review »

Vivo Barefoot Men's Tracker FG

A lightweight, comfortable alternative to traditional hiking boots. I bought the VivoBareFoot Tracker FG after discovering my winter hikers were an uncomfortable… Full Review »

NiteCore NU25

The Nitecore NU25 is a tiny headlamp with a rechargeable internal battery. Packed with features including three lamps, SOS mode, plus the ability to lock for stowing,… Full Review »

Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight CD

14 years old and still going strong. I bought this tent in '06 and it's still going strong. New seam seal and waterproof on year 10. It's heavier than today's UL… Full Review »

Platypus PlatyPreserve

Durable and a must-have for various adventures/venues. I have used this product for over 10+ years. I primarily use it for day hikes, picnics, in movie theaters,… Full Review »

Tomshoo Outdoor Camping Hiking Cookware Pot Set

I bought the Tomshoo Backpacker Stove off Amazon, kind of an impulse purchase because it was only $20, and it included a two-piece pot set as well. I had been looking… Full Review »

Toad&Co Swifty Trail Skirt

Men's or women's lightweight, comfortable walking skirt. The Swifty Trail Skirt is an excellent man's or woman's walking, hiking, and backpacking skirt. Size large… Full Review »

Esbit Pocket Stove

Good for its designed purpose. The Esbit stove is a nice stove for simple cooking. If moving from one hunting camp to another, or along game/mountain trails throughout… Full Review »

Altra Women's Superior 4.0

The Superior 4.0 is a supremely comfortable shoe, with many improvements over its predecessors (better fit, materials, flexibility). Yet the 4.0 maintains most… Full Review »

Platypus PlatyPreserve

I like wine!! A lot. And have no qualms about taking it on short backpacking trips. I must confess, that one of my favorite parts of overnight trips is "happy hour."… Full Review »

Kari Traa Rose Pant

The Kari Traa Rose Pant is a 100 percent merino base layer that is comfortable, warm, and durable. It's thin enough to layer without restricting movement, and incorporates… Full Review »

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