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Trailspace's Top 25 Gear Reviewers of 2022

Congratulations to Trailspace's Top 25 Reviewers of 2022! Collectively they adventured thousands of miles on at least four continents and shared 210 gear reviews. As a thank-you, we're sending each a special-edition Deuce of Spades #2 trowel courtesy of TheTentLab and a Trailspace hat or neck gaiter by Headsweats.

Fall Hiking & Camping Gear

What gear is keeping you warm and comfortable outdoors this fall? Spread the word and help others get outside safely with a review of it. Or need some new gear for your next outdoor adventure? Check out other users' reviews and compare prices first.

Congratulations, King Thurber, Cascade Designs gear winner

Congratulations to King Thurber, a hiker and musician from Utah, and Trailspace's winner of a Cascade Designs backpacking setup—Therm-a-Rest sleep system, MSR shelter and stove, Platypus filter, and PackTowl ($1200 value). Meet him in our profile.

Top 12 Outdoor Gear Reviews of 2021

From shelter to stove accessories, a purifier to a pillow, even an umbrella—here are our Top 12 reviews of 2021. Out of 700 published by community members last year, these outstanding 12 were rated the most helpful and informative.

Congratulations, Top 25 Reviewers of 2021

Congratulations to Trailspace's Top 25 Reviewers of 2021! Collectively this exceptional group, from around the world, contributed 217 gear reviews to the Trailspace community and helped countless others gear up and get outside.

Shout it Out for Your Favorite Gear

Give a shout-out to your gear and help others get outside, simply by sharing a review. Whether on an epic thru hike or a morning snowshoe, telling others how your gear fared helps individuals of all experience levels and backgrounds access the outdoors safely.

Recently Reviewed

Tents and Shelters

DIY: Snow Cave for Survival

A snow trench tarp shelter is quick and easy to make. But you must put ski poles or skis over the trench before laying down the tarp. Otherwise, you'll have to… Full Review »

Tents and Shelters

DIY: Snow Cave for Survival

Claustrophobic I went with Sierra Club and they insisted I build one of these. It was the same basic idea but no lining. The problem in a nutshell—to me it was… Full Review »

Tents and Shelters

DIY: Snow Cave for Survival

This is my take on digging a snow cave for backcountry survival. SNOW CAVE The Scouts had a “Klondike” event where we slept in snow caves. Seemed like a great… Full Review »

Backpacking Boots

Zamberlan Vioz GTX 996

Vibram sole disintegrating is Vibram's fault. Zamberlan has proprietary Vibram soles on these boots. They brag about it. But...they are hard to clean and disintegrate. Full Review »

Recreational Snowshoes

Tubbs Flex Jr.

Versatile kids snowshoe for serious winter exploration and fun jaunts. Similar design to Tubbs full-size Flex series but scaled down. Versatile kid-sized snowshoes… Full Review »


Podsacs Waterproof 30 Litre Backpack

A very tough, versatile, and useful bag, which is impervious to the elements. Not the greatest hiking pack, but it is a roomy weekend bag, grocery getter, canoe… Full Review »

Soft Shell Pants

Arc'teryx Gamma AR Pant

So close, SO CLOSE; these pants are amazing. The fit, the mobility, the stretch, the sizing, but why couldn't you just put the littlest back pocket on there for… Full Review »

Camp Shovels and Trowels

TheTentLab Deuce of Spades #1

Pages could be written about an ultralight backpacking trowel...I believe the Official Moto is "They help you doo-doo the right thing." But enough has already been… Full Review »

Hiking Boots

Altberg Kisdon GFit

Altberg Kisdons are fairly stiff soled, tough, and grippy waterproof walking boots made with Nubuck leather.  Altberg Kisdon G-fit (size 9) Altberg Kisdon walking… Full Review »


Mystery Ranch 3 Way Expandable Briefcase

For the outdoor professional who is compelled to appear as, and travel like, a professional, this "briefcase" is the perfect shoulder bag for meetings. The terminology:… Full Review »

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