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Backpacker's Pantry Rocky Mountain Scramble

In the continuing search for the perfect potato-based breakfast, this had so much promise. Promise which it sadly fails to live up to. Once again, I ordered up… Full Review »

Backpacking Boots

Alico Summit

The Alico Summit is comfortable and stable, with a stiff midsole and flexible forefoot, high ankle height, and durable leather and sole. Out of the box, they didn't… Full Review »

Battery-Powered Lanterns

BioLite SunLight 100

A nifty little light that works great for small campsites, travel, and where a larger lantern might not be practical. Solar or power charging options eliminate… Full Review »

Hiking Boots

Hi-Tec Ravus Vent Mid WP

Affordable, but you get what you pay for I bought these as my first hiking boot last year when deciding to start doing long distance hikes through more technical… Full Review »

Weekend Packs

ROKK Flat Iron

You can haul a bunch of stuff and this thing is hard to kill. Rain fly included. But you will definitely be sore after a few miles with any significant amount of… Full Review »

Kayak Paddles

Werner Shuna

I borrowed my wife’s Shuna and found it a blessed relief after the Coryvreckan. It flowed, perfect balance, exactly right in every way, might have been custom… Full Review »


Hennessy Hammock Expedition Classic

Unique entry system introduces all sorts of challenges. I am 5'9" and 164 pounds. I am comfy. If you are any taller go for the Explorer or Safari  model instead… Full Review »

Food and Drink

Nescafe Classic

The best solution I've found to good, hot, and quick coffee on the trail. Over the years I've tried many different ways of making coffee on the trail and they all… Full Review »

Nutrition Bars

Kind Blueberry Almond Breakfast Bar

They are decent, but I prefer a Clif Bar for the taste and durability. They make good granola though! I've eaten at least 20 of these bars over the years, so I… Full Review »


Western Mountaineering Expedition Booties

In forty years of winter camping these have arguably been the warmest booties I've encountered. The outer fabric is highly weatherproof. I've been a four-season… Full Review »

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