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Three-Season Tents

Hilleberg Rogen

The Rogen feels like a Tardis. Being a dome it has an excellent area of good headroom. The long sides of the inner are vertical because of the two porches and each… Full Review »

Four-Season Tents

Northwest Territory Chippewa 8-Person Tent

I love this tent. I have put it through the ultimate test and it survived. My tent is 6 years old. Has survived Burning Man and camping in a northern California… Full Review »

Hammock Accessories

Hanging High Hammocks Soft Shackles

Hanging High Soft Shackles are soft carabiners made from 7/64” Amsteel (Dyneema) cords with a ridiculous 1,600lbs tensile strength for a measly 0.13oz (2g) weight… Full Review »

Compressed Fuel Canister Stoves

Soto Micro Regulator Stove

Piezo hasn't failed in 8+ years, stove weighs less than comparable products, and the overall durability is record-setting. The MicroRegulator was a well-reviewed… Full Review »


Warbonnet RidgeRunner

Great hammock if you are a small person. I like this hammock. I am 5'10" 168 pounds with broad shoulders. Lying on my back there is a slight shoulder squeeze. Not… Full Review »

Rigid Trekking Poles

MSR DynaLock Explore Backcountry Poles

Very good, three-section aluminum trekking poles for trekking and year-round mountaineering. Sturdy and relatively light, feel dependable, and delivered with multiple… Full Review »

Three-Season Tents

The North Face Stormbreak 1

Amazing little tent! Camp 2019 This was my second solo tent (my first was a Eureka Backcountry 1 in 2002) after a lot of research and not willing to shell out 400… Full Review »

Pots and Pans

Stanley Adventure Full Kitchen Base Camp Cook Set

Cookware that will survive the base camp and provide a group or individual cooking experience.   the cook system all out    Full Review »


Stowaway Gourmet Wild Boar Bacon Bean Stew

Another hit from a newer company. Continuing to work my way through the Stowaway Gourmet catalog (as it becomes available), we come to their Wild Boar Bacon and… Full Review »

Meat Entrées

AlpineAire Spicy Sausage Bolognese

Good portion, but not very exciting to eat. Functional if you are hungry. It just didn't live up to expectations.   Another mid-trip on-trail review, so please… Full Review »

Meat Entrées

Backpacker's Pantry Mashed Potatoes & Gravy with Beef

Simple, satisfying food that is exactly what the label says. Tasty goo! Mashed Potatoes & Gravy with Beef Needed a few extra meals and grabbed one of these. Full Review »

Water Storage Containers

Sea to Summit Watercell X

A versatile, practical, and durable water storage and carrying system for camping and backpacking. Available in 4-, 6-, 10-, and 20-liter versions. Can be used… Full Review »


BASU eAlarm Plus 130dB Emergency Alarm

A small yet very loud (130db) tripwire alarm, great for camping in dangerous areas, such as those with bears and other animals. By setting up a safe perimeter,… Full Review »

Axes and Hatchets

Estwing Leather Sportsman's Axe

Well-built little hatchet.             OK, so first off I must say that this review is from Australia, so pricing and types of wood encountered are very different… Full Review »

Hiking Boots

Danner Explorer

Bought to replace Danner boots that had served me well for 15+ years. Very comfortable with the orthotic insert (comes with the boots) and good ankle support. Perhaps… Full Review »

Paddling Lights

ACR Firefly PRO Solas

Lightweight and practical! A serious consideration for safety! I purchased this a few months ago from ACR where I had previously purchased their PLB. This is a… Full Review »


Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate

Gnarly Nutrition's Hydrate solutions is the perfect companion for outdoor athletes. It's designed with electrolytes and B vitamins to support hydration and energy. Full Review »


Light My Fire Spork Original

It's a cheap, plastic spoon, fork, and knife. Good design from a durable, food-grade plastic. I had never owned a spork—or anything similar. REI wanted just over… Full Review »


Toaks Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl

The best utensil I've ever used for freeze-dried meals. Right. So, Toaks versus Sea to Summit Alphalight. Both are extremely lightweight. Effectively the same length. Full Review »

Air-Filled Sleeping Pads

EcoTek Outdoors Hybern8 Sleeping Pad

I found myself a reasonably priced sleeping pad that is lightweight, compact, and most importantly, gives me a good night's sleep. I've put together a video review… Full Review »

Meat Entrées

Stowaway Gourmet Las Pollos Hermanas

Spicy! Right. Another dish from Stowaway Gourmet. Another dayhike, with this meal eaten for the express purpose of testing things before serious backpacking begins. Full Review »

Compressed Fuel Canister Stoves

Primus Classic Trail

Solid little stove. Not as light as some micro stoves but has four pot holders with a 4.5-inch radius. And it is inexpensive, but not cheap Primus Classic Trail… Full Review »

Bottle and Inline Water Filters

Aquamira WaterBasics RED Line Filter Bottle

The Aquamira Red Line filter blocks 99% of bacteria and microbes, plus 99% of viruses. Handy for dipping in the stream on the trail and drinking immediately Aquamira… Full Review »

Pots and Pans

MSR Titan 2 Pot Set

Light and compact but holds up to 2 Liters of water. Two pots. Holds my little stove and small gaz cannister.   Two pots, lid and handle thingy We’re countin’… Full Review »

Hiking Boots

Merrell Speed Strike Mid Waterproof boots

Comfortable boots that are durable for their weight. These are good for people who want something more substantial than trail running shoes but don't want to be… Full Review »

Overnight Packs

Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 Southwest

Spacious and waterproof bag for ultralight hiking. The thing is so light and works great! I love the outside pockets and fold-close top to keep any water out. This… Full Review »

Cups and Mugs

Kupilka 37 Classic

The most aesthetically pleasing and tactile camp cup/bowl ever! The ergonomics might not work, for everyone—and you might not agree with my design tastes. Kupilka… Full Review »

Hydration Reservoirs

Cnoc Outdoors Vecto

A great, durable and practical water bladder for outdoor activities. It’s available in various capacities and has clever features: dual opening with large collecting… Full Review »

Sleeping Bag Liners

Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme Liner

Not a vital piece of gear, or one I tend to use much (being honest). But it’s versatile: can be used alone, in the intended form (to sleep in), or even wrapped… Full Review »

Pots and Pans

MSR Quick Skillet

The size of the skillet is just about right, maybe a little on the small side. I owned an older MSR teflon skillet and when I went to replace it, I noticed that… Full Review »

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