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Trangia Fuel Bottle

A tough, plastic solution to your denatured alcohol transport issues. The tricky safety valve might be its weak link after a while. Self-contained, mobile users… Full Review »

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent

Very effective I have used this product for a couple years now. I moved from DEET after it damaged some of my hiking equipment. Be prepared to have plastic goo… Full Review »

Tilley T3 Cotton Duck Hat

Don't be like me...get a T3! Quality and attention to detail throughout. Buy one excellent hat—instead of a cheap disposable one, every year. Even as a younger… Full Review »

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent

Works well for mosquitoes, does not damage synthetic fabrics, less likely to have health risks. This is the best non-DEET repellent I have tried. It works well… Full Review »

Bushka’s Kitchen Lentil Lunch

This is a delightful, cold soaked meal for a lunch or dinner on a hot hiking day when trying to make miles. Almost like a light soup, but cold...   This is a nice,… Full Review »

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent

I fish trout streams in southwestern Michigan. The mosquitoes hold their conventions on these streams. Lemon oil- eucalyptus works quite well. YOU CAN GET IT FOR… Full Review »

Hummingbird Hammocks Tree Straps+

These are the ultimate hammock tree straps for lightweight backpacking. Small, easy to use, ultralight, and reasonably priced. Hummingbird even sells replacement… Full Review »

Mystery Ranch Glacier

Designed For The Long Haul. Being a gear junkie you end up going through a lot of different backpacks. After owning and using many styles and brands, I found that… Full Review »

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent

Searching for a DEET-free bug repellent? This stuff seems to work pretty well and is priced right. Was looking for a DEET-free repellent that was less chemical… Full Review »

Macpac Microlight

Used a few times, including last night in Torridon in very wet conditions. Stable as anything, no condensation to worry about. Pitches really quickly. Took about… Full Review »

Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Insulated

Good feature set in a lightweight and comfortable pad. I have been using a NeoAir mattress for over a decade (reviewed in 2009). Being a 5'9" male the women's length… Full Review »

Sea to Summit X-Mug with Cool Grip

Improved X-mug. I reviewed the Sea-to-Summit X-mug several years ago and liked it what it offered. Lightweight, compactness, affordability, and convenience. This… Full Review »

Badger Active Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Clear Zinc Sunscreen

Mineral-based sunscreen in an effort to avoid chemicals—98% organic, active ingredient is "clear" zinc oxide. Inactive ingredients are things like beeswax, sunflower… Full Review »

Falcon Guides The Essential Guide to Hiking with Dogs

This dog hiking book is subtitled "Trail-Tested Tips and Expert Advice for Canine Adventures." The book certainly does provide much helpful information for those… Full Review »

Sea to Summit Pack Tap

Superb and long lasting water storage with big capacity and without bad taste. My first water bladder/storage was made by Ortlieb and a terrible disappointment… Full Review »

Patagonia Sunshade Technical Hoody

The Patagonia Sunshade Technical Hoody is designed to be used in hot and humid conditions, has a light airy design, and also offers SPF 50 sun protection. Overall… Full Review »

Mountain Laurel Designs Spirit Quilt 28°

A kick ass Apex (synthetic) quilt. I've owned my MLD Spirit 28 quilt for about 6-7 years and it's still going strong. I own down quilts and sleeping bags, but if… Full Review »

Rab Double Pile Jacket

A light, cosy, fleece jacket, in search of a purpose. Before they started marketing every little thing you might ever need, in the hills or afloat, Rab were famous… Full Review »

Grayl Ultralight

The Grayl UL is heavier and more expensive than in-line filters like the Sawyer Mini or Squeeze. But when we consider that it doesn’t require a container and… Full Review »

Leki Makalu Tour

No frills, high quality, tough, reliable trekking poles, which have helped preserve my aging knees over the last twenty years of outdoor buffoonery. As one of life's… Full Review »

Primus Essential Trail Kit

The Primus Essential Trail Kit is an inexpensive, lightweight, and versatile stove kit from a renowned manufacturer. I received this Primus Essential Trail Kit… Full Review »

Sole Active Medium Footbed

The Sole Active Medium Footbed is designed for arches of every kind. This insole is a great companion for those who live an active lifestyle or who struggle with… Full Review »

Keen Targhee II Waterproof Mid

It's a pretty comfortable boot, right out of the box. While durability is a question mark, given that one eyelet tore out on my first hike, it is the most affordable… Full Review »

Wenzel Kodiak 9

Perfect for Basecamp!       space galore! so roomy   Our dog appreciates the bump-outs on the side!    great full mesh ceiling if you want to roll back the… Full Review »

Sea to Summit UltraLight Mat

After trying a few air sleeping pads, I’ve found the S2S Ultralight to be the one that offers the best compromise between light weight, comfort, size, and durability. Full Review »

Snow Peak Titanium Trek 900

Most solo hikers have a 750 ml pot. I wanted a larger pot with volume. This pot fit the bill. It's titanium and light also.   I hike solo, but I also take trips… Full Review »

Teva Original Universal

I bought these in the late 1990s. I moved to Texas and I wanted a breathable footwear for school and for water sports. I purchased these and I have used them in… Full Review »

NEMO Galaxi 2P

I have used my Nemo Galaxi 2P tent for my solo (+ dog) backcountry camping for two years now. It is quick and easy to put up alone, very spacious design, held up… Full Review »

Osprey Exos 58

Light enough, big enough, comfy enough—SO durable. I've had this pack for years now. It's definitely not Ultralight, but it's close. It travels well on the trail,… Full Review »

BSN Medical Leukotape P

Leukotape has been in my first aid kit for 6 years. I first heard people were using it to fix blisters online. Then I saw hikers using it to protect the blistered… Full Review »

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