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Kelty Camp Kitchen

My husband and I camp together a few weekends each month, and take two week-long trips each September. We have been camping our entire lives, and have used various… Full Review »

Keen Men's Targhee Vent Mid

All-day comfort for wide feet in a lightweight hiking boot. Still holding up after a year and half and an estimated 350 km / 250 miles of use. Best for hiking in… Full Review »

Wilderness Experience Moonlight Mesh

Large floor space, light for 1978, airy and well vented solid piece of equipment. A bit of a rare bird. Eight body peg points, three guy outs, solid bathtub floor,… Full Review »

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1

The best possible one-man tent on the market regardless of price. Setup easy, no footprint. Stability is fair only due to the two-pole system and must be staked… Full Review »

Inov-8 Mudclaw G 260

An aggressive, deep-lugged tread and snug fit make the Mudclaw G-260 a prime choice for muddy trails and other soft surfaces. Comfortable enough for all-day runs. Full Review »

REI Half Dome 2 HC

I've had this same tent for over 10 years. It's still the best of all my tents and I love camping in it, especially in cooler weather—nice and cozy! Fast to set… Full Review »

3F Gear Lanshan 2

I bought this tent in April, it arrived in May, but I never got to use it until late May. I left it out in all kinds of weather. I have several review videos (see… Full Review »

Kelty Trekker 65

I started out with external frame packs in the '80s, joined the internal frame craze in the '90s, and joyfully returned to external frames with this pack about… Full Review »

Kelty Coyote 80

A great backpack that is comfortable and roomy. Has multiple points of access and a good range of adjustment. I bought this backpack after a lot of research and… Full Review »

Six Moon Designs Silver Shadow

The SMD Silver Shadow is a trail umbrella designed to protect rain or shine. Light and easy to carry it pops up fast and stows easily. Not very functional for bushwhacking,… Full Review »

BearVault BV450 Solo

A necessary evil...well, not so much evil as a minor inconvenience. I've been using this one, the BV450, and the BV500 for longer trips, for something like ten… Full Review »

Sea to Summit AlphaLight Long Spoon

One of my favorite pieces of kit. Everything positive thing that other reviewers have noted still holds true. I've had mine for something like six(?) years now,… Full Review »

REI Half Dome 2 HC

After more than 10 years of use, I finally feel confident in offering a review on this tent... Ha ha. Purchased new over ten years ago for use with my wife. We… Full Review »

Easton Rimrock 1

This is an all-around decent solo backpacking tent. I purchased this tent on close-out some four years ago for a lighter option on solo trips. As it was on close-out… Full Review »

The North Face Men's Hydra 26

First proper civilian hiking bag. Uses: light hiking/sightseeing, cycling, travel. I am giving it 4 stars because it is that comfortable and fills the bag role… Full Review »

Exped DownMat Lite 5

LOVE this mat! As someone who's had two lumbar, one cervical, and one hip well as being a side-sleeper...I don't sleep very well while tent camping. Full Review »

Firebox Gen2 Stainless Firebox Nano Ultralight Stove

The Firebox Nano portable stove is a lightweight folding stove that only requires twigs and small sticks for fuel. When folded, this compact stove fits easily in… Full Review »

Ohuhu Wood Burning Camping Stove

The only can stove I bought, so am comparing it to homemade stoves. I bought this with a Solo Camp Stove (I know in my Solo review I said three years ago, but it… Full Review »

Solo Stove Alcohol Burner

Bought this to go with my Ohuhu portable wood stove and it works very well with fondue fuel and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. I used this out on a few hikes… Full Review »

Kestrel 2000

This small device brings some advanced weather monitoring capabilities in your trips. It can measure the wind speed, air and water temperature, as well as wind… Full Review »

Topo Athletic Women's Hydroventure 2

A nice breathable waterproof trail running shoe. I have wide feet. Even shoes that are supposed to have a large toe box result in stubbed toes and blisters between… Full Review »

Helly Hansen Men's Verglas Light Jacket

The Helly Hansen Verglas Light Jacket is a hybrid soft shell (double weave) and down insulated (800 fill goose down) midlayer meant to bridge the gap between changing… Full Review »

Vargo Triad Multi-Fuel Stove

Very good for four-season solo or couple backpacking stove. Preheat and fuel recovery somewhat annoying, but it would build up with patience and practice. Preheating… Full Review »

Zpacks Duplex Tent

One of the best tents I have ever owned, worth every penny. Ideal for three seasons ultralight backpacking. I used this tent for six backpacking trips in 2019. Full Review »

Esatto Men's Classic Hiker

I no longer wear any other shoe. I broke my sesamoid and have to wear orthotic inserts. Without the combination of the support of the boot and orthotic I can hike… Full Review »

Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo

The Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo is a well thought out design that provides a lightweight, roomy, and reasonably priced shelter option for the solo hiker. The latest… Full Review »

Big Agnes SLX Tent Floor Pad

An extra-wide and cushy insulated air mattress for two in the backpacker weight class. Suitable for three-season use. Long enough for people in the 180 cm+/6 foot+… Full Review »

AlpineAire Foods Chicken Tropicana

A tasty, dehydrated offering that succeeds where most others fail. I was very surprised when I saw that some of the AlpineAire offerings received low scores. My… Full Review »

Six Moon Designs Pack Pod

Six Moon Designs Pack Pods are lightweight, rectangular pouches designed to make maximum use of pack space. Zip lid allows easy access to contents for eyes and… Full Review »

EcoVessel The Boulder Insulated

The EcoVessel is a well-designed, insulated container whose features give it a slight edge in a crowded market. The 24 oz "Boulder" holds enough liquid to keep… Full Review »

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