Trailspace Rewards Rules

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Trailspace Rewards has been discontinued as of April 2, 2015. All rewards earned prior to April 2, 2015 will be paid in full at the next scheduled payment date.

The Trailspace Rewards program ("Rewards") allows Trailspace members to earn cash back on purchases completed through our retail partners. The accrual and payment of rewards are governed by these rules and the Trailspace Terms of Service.

  1. Participation

    Participation in Trailspace Rewards is optional. You must opt in by creating a Trailspace member account. There is no fee to join.

    Non-members are not be eligible for rewards.

  2. Earning Rewards

    Trailspace receives a commission or fee for referring site members and visitors to its affiliate partners. We split that commission with members in the Rewards program to pay them cash back on their net purchases.

    Purchases you make at our retail partner stores are credited only if you start your shopping session at and click to a store via a Trailspace affiliate link before each shopping trip.

    To earn cash back, you must be logged into your Trailspace account and click through a retailer link on our site to one of our affiliate websites to be credited for cash back on your net purchase. In order to earn cash back you must complete your purchase directly after clicking from Trailspace.

    Your account will be credited when the retailer reports your order to Trailspace. This may take up to 2 or 3 days after your order has shipped, at which point the cash back will appear in your account.

  3. Amount of Rewards

    The exact amount of cash back earned depends on the price of each product that you purchase and the commission rate of that retailer.

    The cash back percentage may change from time to time. The percentage published at the time you last clicked through from Trailspace to the retailer's site will be used to calculate your cash back.

  4. Technology

    Cookies must be enabled in your browser before making purchases. This is how Trailspace identifies and attributes your purchases to your member account.

    If you log out, visit other sites, or close your browser between clicking on a Trailspace link and making your purchase, you may not receive credit.

    If you visit other sites in between or are not signed into Trailspace when making your purchase, Trailspace will not be able to trace your activity and therefore will not award you cash back.

    If you use multiple windows on your browser, the window in which you shop at the store must have come from a Trailspace link.

    Using security software that blocks cookies will prevent you from earning cash back. You will need to ensure that any software is set up to allow cookies from Trailspace and our partner retail sites.

    If using a firewall, keep "Ad Blocking" turned off.

    If using AdBlock or Adblock Plus you may experience issues receiving cash back.

    Using a browser’s "Private Browsing" feature at any point in the shopping process can render your purchase ineligible for cash back.

    Some toolbars can redirect credit to another affiliate. If you have toolbars installed, check and see if they are linked to any other shopping rewards or coupon sites.

  5. Exclusions

    You cannot earn cash back on gift cards, taxes, fees, shipping and handling, gift-wrapping, warranties, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for with gift certificates or store credit.

    Some retail partners may exclude certain products from the Rewards program at their own discretion.

    Cash back is not available on previous purchases.

  6. Returns and Exchanges

    Returns are subject to the return policy of the store from which you purchased. If you return or cancel an item with a retailer, we will reverse any cash back earned from that sale.

    Exchanges also may reverse cash back rewards, depending on how they are handled by the store. To earn cash back, return an item and then start a new shopping session at, and click to a store via a Trailspace link to make your purchase.

  7. Receiving Payment

    To receive payment of accrued rewards, you must establish and maintain an active account with Trailspace with the information necessary to process your payment: a valid email address at which you are able to receive email, a valid postal address at which you are able to receive mail, your first and last name, and a password to protect your account.

    To maintain an active account, you must update your information if it changes and have shopped via Trailspace or have accrued cash back at any time within the last twelve (12) months.

    We issue payment quarterly on or around February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15, for cash back earned the previous quarter:

    • November 1-January 31: February 15
    • February 1–April 30: May 15
    • May 1-July 31: August 15
    • August 1-October 31: November 15

    If your account balance is $10 or more, we will send you the full amount in U.S. dollars via check or PayPal. If your balance is below $10, it will remain in your account.

    You can confirm your payment info in your account profile. You are responsible for keeping your account info up to date.

  8. Inactivity

    There is no charge of be a member of Trailspace, or to earn and receive rewards. However, if your account is inactive for more than 12 consecutive months, we will dock your rewards with a two-dollar ($2.00) monthly fee for maintenance until you log back in or your account reaches zero.

    By logging back in and shopping again, you can reactivate your account.

    The inactive account maintenance charge will not cause your account balance to become negative and will not cause you to owe money to Trailspace.

  9. Shopping and Purchase History

    You can view your shopping and purchase history, recent rewards, and other information in your account profile.

  10. Limitations, Qualifications, and Disclaimers

    Participation in Trailspace Rewards is restricted to United States residents 18 years of age and older.

    Members must have a valid email address at all times and have internet access to retain membership and receive such benefits and privileges associated with membership.

    The final decision as to whether a purchase qualifies for rewards is at the sole discretion of Trailspace.

    If a partner store does not record a transaction or does not pay Trailspace the appropriate commission, Trailspace reserves the right to cancel any cash back associated with the purchase.

    If for any reason Trailspace feels that you have acted fraudulently on your account, Trailspace reserves the right to withhold Rewards payments. By participating in the Rewards program, you authorize Trailspace to review your account in any cases of suspected fraudulent actions.

    Trailspace is not responsible for lost or stolen Rewards checks or electronic payments, even if such rewards are delivered to the wrong address.

    Trailspace is not responsible for any payment errors made by Trailspace or payment partners (such as PayPal). You are responsible for monitoring your own account with regards to appropriate cash back amounts and payments to ensure accuracy.

    If you feel your account has been credited incorrectly, you have 90 days to contact Trailspace about the discrepancy. If you still feel that you have been improperly credited or your account is inaccurate, your only solution is to withdraw from the program.

    Based on the tax laws of federal, state, and local jurisdiction, you may be subject to taxes on your purchases and Rewards receipts. Trailspace reserves the right to decide whether or not to inform you of instances when you will be taxed. Regardless, you are responsible for any and all taxes that result from purchases or member referrals.

    Trailspace is not responsible for the actions of any affiliate program, store, or policy changes that have an effect on the rewards you may have earned. Trailspace also is not responsible for the cancellation or changes to any coupon or discount offered from an affiliate store.

    Trailspace makes no guarantees regarding the truthfulness or quality of the products offered by affiliate stores.

    This program does not come with a warranty. Trailspace may cancel or modify the terms of the program at any time. Trailspace fully denies any and all warranties in regards to the Trailspace Rewards program.

    You may not use scripts with the intention of gaining financial benefits from Trailspace. If Trailspace finds you or anyone acting through your account to be in violation of these Rules or the Trailspace Terms of Service, your account may be subject to termination and you may have to relinquish your Rewards balance.

    The misrepresentation of your personal information, any abuse of the Trailspace site, violations of Terms of Service, or any fraud in regards to accrual or receipt of rewards are all grounds for termination.