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Katadyn, Leki, Lowa, Mammut, Suunto Win ispo Awards

The most innovative outdoor products of the summer season 2007 in the categories Footwear, Hardware, Adventure/Travel, Specials and Nordic will be distinguished with the ispo Outdoor Awards at ispo summer 06. The international jury, composed of representatives of retailers, alpine sports, outdoor and Nordic trade media as well as a representative from a government certified climbing school, assess above all the criteria innovation, function, quality, technical solutions, user friendliness and design.

One innovation in safety technology is provided by the mountain climbing set “Via Ferrata Step Web” from Mammut. The winner in the hardware category makes mountain climbing into a safe matter even for lightweight climbers. Mountain climbing brakes were previously not designed for the slight weight of children and women. The special cable brake system of the Mammut “Step Web” can be adjusted in all levels and consequently adapted for all weight classes. The new product is rounded out by a patented key-lock karabiner and a compact package, in which the set can be packed conveniently.

The Footwear winner Lowa has also dedicated itself to alpine sports. The expedition shoe “Expedition 8000 RD” of the German manufacturer convinced the jury. For special use in extreme mountain climbing at great heights, the shoe protects maximally against freezing thanks to their multi-layer construction, but still provide optimum wearing comfort. The core piece is the removable Gore-Tex Duratherm® inner shoe with additional aluminum/PE foam, which adapts to the foot and consequently guarantees climate comfort and drying equally.

The “Stock Traveller Carbon and the Silent Spike Pads” have been named the winner in the category “Nordic” newly created for ispo summer 06. The idea behind the new products from LEKI was to suppress the “nerve-racking clatter” during Nordic Walking and minimize the pack and weight dimensions of the poles. The three-part pole is only a bit longer than a half-meter when taken apart and consequently fits in every suitcase. The attachable pole pads can be replaced easily thanks to a vertical groove structure on the inside and provide optimum grip on every surface with their integrated spikes without the annoying clattering sound.

The winner in the Adventure/Travel category is the “Vario Mikrofilter” from Katadyn. The Swiss drinking water filter manufacturer combines maximum performance with easiest handling in this product. One special feature of the equipment is the ceramic filter, which can be connected for initial filtering and is easy to clean; it protects the actual filter element from major impurities and consequently extends its operating life. In addition, the “Vario Mikrofilter” can be combined with all customary outdoor bottles and backpacks with drinking devices.

The “wrist computer T3 with GPS Pod” from Suunto is more than a just customary pulsimeter. The winner of the Specials category unites athletes with computers. The chest belt not only sends the exercise data to the athlete’s watch, but also to a computer connected via GPS. This combination makes it possible to recalculate the performance still required for the targeted exercise objective. This enables using short exercise time optimally. The attractive and appealing design of the pulsimeter rounds out the new product from Suunto fashionably.

The best product innovations will be distinguished with the “ispo Outdoor Award” and the “European Ski Award” at ispo winter 07.


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