Petzl recalls Scorpio via ferrata lanyards

Petzl Scorpio lanyard

Following a via ferrata accident on Thursday, May 5, Petzl launched a voluntary product safety alert to inspect its Scorpio via ferrata lanyards manufactured prior to May 19, 2011.

Petzl's internal investigation and analysis of its manufacturing procedures specific to the production of tear webbing energy absorbers has identified a weakness which could explain the defect leading to the cause of this accident.

Products Affected


The recall alert concerns all Scorpio lanyards (Scorpio, Scorpio Eashook, and Scorpio Vertigo) manufactured before May 19, 2011, up to serial number 11137****.

The relevant Scorpio product references are: L60, L60 CK, L60 2, L60 2CK, L60 H, L60 WL, K29VF 1, K29VF 2, K29VE 1, K29VE 2, K29V 1, K29V 2. (Visit Petzl for current list of affected products.)


Petzl also issued a request for immediate self-inspection for all Absorbica energy absorbers manufactured before May 17, 2011, up to serial number 11137****.

The relevant Absorbica product references are: L57, L58, L58 MGO, L59, L59 MGO, L59 69, L70120 YG, L70150 IM, L70150 YM, L70150 I, L70150 Y, L70150 YM. (Visit Petzl for current list of affected products.)


Petzl Actions

Petzl Absorbica energy absorber

As a consequence Petzl has decided to take the following actions:

  • Temporary stoppage of all Petzl tear webbing lanyard production.
  • Temporary stoppage of the sale of all stock of Scorpio and Absorbica tear webbing lanyards for inspection before resuming sales.
  • Extension of the product safety alert of 13.05.11 to include all Petzl Scorpio energy absorbing lanyards sold up to 19th May 2011 (up to serial number 11137****).


What to Do

If you possess a Scorpio via ferrata lanyard as detailed above Petzl asks you to:

  • immediately stop using it!

  • contact Petzl America by telephone: (877) 740-3826 (toll free number) or by email

If you possess an Absorbica energy absorber as detailed above Petzl asks you to:


Zyper and Zyper Vertigo Unaffected

The via ferrata lanyards Zyper and Zyper Vertigo are not concerned by this alert for inspection. You may continue to use these products, whilst respecting the conditions of use, maintenance, and inspection outlined in their respective technical notices.


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June 1, 2011 at 9:39 a.m. (EDT)

I am quite impressed with the immediate proactive action that Petzl has given in response the an accident. Toyota and other manufacturers usually claim there are no issues, even when they know there are.

Hats of to you, Petzl directors.

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