Video: Herrington on photographing legendary climbers

In April, we discussed photographer Jim Herrington's exhibit Legends of Climbing, a portrait series of legendary American mountaineers and rock climbers. The photographs of icons like Bradford Washburn, Royal Robbins, and Jim Bridwell are on exhibit now through July 15 in Milwaukee.

For those of us not in Wisconsin, we can catch the following video interviews with Herrington from Hanson Dodge Creative, the agency behind the exhibit.

In the first, Herrington discusses his Legends of Climbing exhibit. See how many climbers you can identify in his portraits.

Next, Herrington shares stories about the climbers he photographed, like Riccardo Cassin and Doug Scott:

You also can view Herrington's Climbers and Climbing portraits on flickr, and see how well you scored playing "name that climber" above.

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June 9, 2011 at 10:32 p.m. (EDT)

Informative videos. I can only hope to live  to 100 years as Mr Cassin- a testament to his fitness form his mountaineering endeavours. Are there no lady climbers to speak of?

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