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Family hike today

All five of us, an hour or two along the Potomac river. An insane 58 degrees here today. Who hikes in a t shirt on new years day?

Me. Shorts too.

Wim Hof. Oh wait he only wears underwear. 

Got to grab those family opps when they're there

My wife and I did a nice three mile hike today as well :) 

cooled off late this afternoon, but it was strangely warm this morning here, too. 

I hiked 3 miles friday, 12 miles yesterday and 6 today. Two of the foggiest days(sat and sun) I have ever been in. Had to practically hold my compass 2 inches from my face the entire time to make sure i was going the right way. It was one of those you cant see your hand in front of your face fogs.

Took a bunch of pics, but few came out cause of the fog =/, will post up a TR later. Glad to start out the year with a backpacking trip!

My wife, two of my sons 8 and 9 did a nice 5 mile hike today.  Was gr8 to have them along. My wife was a bit nervious at a couple of cliff ledges but nothing too dramatic.

My wife is none to fond of narrow trails, steep hillsides, and cliff edges. She is really starting to like hiking though. 


With the possible exception of narrow trails, your wife would love Florida.

 I did, its been in the upper 70s here in Tucson for over a week.

Glad ya got out with family!

 Went out with my nephew New Years eve on a nice little hike around the Mtn. Park. I think it was mid 70's, a beautiful warm sunny t-shirt kinda day

I think we went aprx. 4 miles round trip and killed a couple of hours BS'n.

Good times with the Fam!

My boys had a gr8 time now they are wanting to do more. i cant wait to take one of them on thier first back country overnite loop.  The bear aware signs wernt helping my cause with mama.  i tried to explain the probability of black bear attack in kentucky, i will let her simmer a while before i bring it up again.  Its ironic that my wife and 12 year old daughter ride horses english style and shes afraid to let her son sleep in the woods.

leadbelly2550 said:

All five of us, an hour or two along the Potomac river. An insane 58 degrees here today. Who hikes in a t shirt on new years day?

 HA HA! I thought "OMG that is COLD!"

this never ending heat sucks, luckily we got a -23 yesterday here in toronto!

Jake keep the cold air to yourself. Eh? It was 21 here last night because of a cold front from Canada. If you're not careful we'll send a heat wave up this summer. Eh?  :)

21? Thats too hot.

According to the Orlando TV station I watch in the morning, it's warmer in North Dakota and Wyoming than it is in Orlando! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

I am NOT diggin the warm winter we are having here either.  In E. WA its going to push 50 degrees today.  I'm supposed to go skiing Monday.  We'll see how that goes. 

 I guess it will make for a longer hiking/climbing season, but a rocky one.

Yeah, I am not enjoying the warm winter either. COME ON SNOW!

i loved my all too short 2 mile hike friday when it was a nice 50 out and almost all the snow had melted and the sun was shining !! no snow for me please!


August 14, 2020
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