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Valentine's Day on the trail?

I've often wondered how many people forsake the indoors for Valentines day and head outside. Does anyone have good suggestions (do I need to say "family friendly?") about how to make a backcountry excursion more romantic and memorable?

Best romantic hikes?

Suggested romantic meals?

Good stories of Valentines past in the backcountry?

Assuming you significant other likes hiking.

a double sleeping bag and decent sleeping pads (2 inch self-inflating or something like that)

camping spot with a good view and a camp fire. Don't forget the quilt.

wine and something spiffier than a plastic solo cup to drink it out of.  Doesn't have to be glass.  I've even seen stainless wine glasses.

if you get to your fire started early enough bake potatoes, grill a steak and asparagus can be cooked in tin foil with butter and grill seasoning.  Sorry but s'mores are the only thing I can think of at the moment for desert.

Hmmm….well.. for my wife and I the best way is to not stay overnight outside and try to limit the miles

Check out my trip report from back in the summer:

 Blooming flowers help a lot (but hard to find on V day)…. lol

While it wasn't to celebrate Valentine's Day, here is how we spent our 30th anniversary:

I think this Feb. 14th will be spent indoors as the weather forecast calls for 50% chance of rain/snow and a high on the valley floor of 46 F with winter weather advisories and avalanche warnings for the higher elevations.

An evening indoors by the fire has many possibilities. If you really care about each other, it doesn't matter where you are.


SnowGoose said:

If you really care about each other, it doesn't matter where you are.

 That's nice! And probably a measure of many happy years together.

This year I'm giving Rita candies, and shes giving me the boot out the door and out on the trail. LOL Doesnt sound all that romantic. But love can be strainge.

Mike, are you sure you didn't leave out some dialog?

"Candy again!!!  Can't you get it right just once! Get out of here! I don't want to see you for a week!"

(you did say she gave you the boot)

For my wife, a short hike with a great view and hot tea at would be the best, if we were going outside. Her ideal, however, would be going to the theater or symphony, then a cup of tea and a book in front of a fire.  Fortunately, I enjoy those nearly as much as she does! 

For those of us without Valentiies to spend the day with, it is still nice to see people caring enough about their wives/husbands/sig. others to make a plan. When I WAS married, I lived in Eastern Washington and this time of year was not the most fun to be out over night. But we would build a fire on our acerage and roast marshmellows and have a nice drink. Or take a drive out into the snowy hills and ditch the rig for a nice quiet hike. Hmm. Starting to wonder why we got divorced....think I'll give the WASBAND a call today and wish him a nice one!

We went on a short hike on Valentine's morning while the youngest was at preschool. It was quite nice and we didn't see anyone else, just animal tracks.

Dinner on V-Day was looking into a 5gal pail while sitting on the porcelain throne.  Having eaten a bad Uno Chicago Pizza at the airport while on the way home by plane.

December 1, 2020
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