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july long trail thru partner needed

doing the LT in vermont in july need partner. 31 yr old white male. would like to do 10-15 mile a day. im in southeast ohio. i have dependable vehicle to get us there or could meet you there. age or race dont matter a good sense of humor does i love to have fun. dates are flexable. let me know

I might be interested in doing a section or two with you. I have a new knee and its not ready for that many days in a row. I live in new hampshire and have been planning some trips on the lt this summer. Let me know when you have your schedule worked out. I could bring you a resupply box (if your doing it that way )and spend a few days with you. It would be easy to remember each others name anyway.

Thanks Mark

lol on the names. yea id love to do some sections with you. hopefully i can find someone to start with.... i dont think im going to do resupply boxes i dont think i can anticipate what i will want and what ill be sick of so im just gonna wing it. what i dont want to do is overplan for this. i seen a guy on whiteblaze the other day that had his trip all planed out all ready. his resupplies and stops and everything down to every day of his hike. i dont want this to be all planned out i want it to be an adventure and make it up as i go.  i dont want schedules and deadlines to follow hell i can do that at home. just want to have a great trip and meet some great people.

Thats how I like to hike too. Its hard to determine what is too much planning and what is too little. I end up carrying more than I need sometimes but havent been caught with less than I need yet. I dont know how much cell coverage there is on the trail, but im sure you will have some service when you resupply. You can just call me and let me know where and when. Are you going north or south? I live in southern nh so I would prob wanna do the southern end with you, but not for sure. I have a neighbor I hike with who might come with me if your ok with it. He wants to do some northern sections and will drive. Im really looking forward to seeing this trail. I was laid up for a little while with my knee so I did a lot of reading. Some of what I read was trail reviews, The lt where it runs with the at is supposed to be one of the best maintained

Trails on the east coast. I dont know what happened there. Maybe a hint on the length of this book I wrote. Anyway let me know your start date and ill try to figure where I can join you.

Thanks Mark

hotdogman email me your info so i can store you in my phone. cant wait to meet you. by the way my trail name is "timebomb"


Uuum what???

November 24, 2020
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