little tips (share yours!)

10:50 p.m. on August 31, 2001 (EDT)

a.k.a. Bryan Clardy, sundog

some things I have discovered over the years that may help
some people...

2 liter coke bottle tops will fit (and won't leak) most
platypus bladders.

drying a platypus bag in an oven is a bad idea.

for summer camping try putting your pad inside your bag, or
between bag and liner. this works especially well in a hammock, it also prevents you from slipping off..
of course Ive only done this with an el cheapo blue closed
cell pad... I believe that my ridge-rest would annoy me after awhile.

lipton makes noodle and rice dishes that come in bags, pack
flat and make a nice base to which I add canned chicken.
add some pita bread and you have a one pot fairly quick dinner. I substitute olive oil for butter in all my
backcountry cooking. also the bag is flammable- nothing
to pack out! (except the can of course)

favorite lunch -- underwood spreads on pita bread, (deviled
chicken, ham etc.)

and lastly

Racoons are persistent.

Lets hear from every body.... what things have you discovered that have made your backcountry experiences more pleasant/easier etc. more points for creativity and originality.


6:12 a.m. on September 1, 2001 (EDT)
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Some of mine....

Get into distance running and Karate. Toughen up the soles of your feet - you will never get blisters.

Hard boiled eggs and tuna in single serving envelopes are light and easy to pack. mix with packages of mayo - spread on pita bread.

For comfort get a tripod stool and a mini hammock.

Always carry a sheet of plastic (2' x 2'). Use it to keep items off the ground and as a runner inside the tent vestibule.

Even if you have Gore-Tex lined boots, spray them with Kiwi Camp Dry. (Kiwi is breathable)

Loose the hard water bottles. Get collapsible water containers (platypussie reservoirs).

Always carry chewable pepcid ac in your first aid kit.

Learn to love the dark. Forget lanterns and head lights - use lightsticks (or a krill lamp) velcro'd to your hat while tromping around at night.

Mountain House chili mac will draw racoons by the thousands.

10:51 p.m. on September 2, 2001 (EDT)

Re: Some of mine....

Easiest way to make real coffee is with a microwave tea ball.

For summer gaiters, I use the tops of socks that have worn out at the heels, just to keep the grit out of my boots.

Buy a dehydrator and use it. Ditch the canned chicken.

Never pay full price for any gear.

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