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Useful weather website

I have found the website to be very useful when planning my backcountry travel. I really like it because you can look for specific mountains, instead of the town below it. I am sure that there are other useful weather sites out there that you use, but I just wanted to share this one in case anyone else was interested.

- Ashleigh

WOW! It even has forecasts for mountains near where I live! 

A lot of websites only worry about the US and maybe a few of the better-known Canadian locations. You outta see what a mess Google makes of trying to find a trailhead in Jasper NP! This one is GOOD!

Thanks a lot Ashleigh.

You're welcome, Peter. I have found it to be very accurate. I love how specific it is!

Thanks for sharing that, Ash. My brother showed it to me years ago, and I LOVE it. The best site of it's kind out there. 

Thanks Ash. It shows the area I hike in..Excellent..

I'm chuckling, as it includes the "mountains" of Indiana, Illinois, & Missouri, considering the highest elevation around here is 2,500'.

cool. the first thing it shows are mountains near to you. saves you having to wade through every mountain in the us.

Great site.  Thanks.  I'm passing this on to those who appreciate and heed the information.

November 27, 2020
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