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West Michigan Hikers looking for a hiking partner.

Hello West Michigan Hikers. I am starting this group so that other West Michigan hikers
like myself can find others to hike with. I am a 55 year old family man looking for fellow
hiking enthusiasts who enjoy the beauty of nature to hike with. I fell in love with the most
unpopular activity there is in West Michigan. My family does not care for hiking and I do
not enjoy doing it alone. I like to share the sights with others. I am in need of other hikers
looking for someone to hike with who have good morals. I am looking for hikers who live
not more than a one hour drive from Holland. I think you would find me to be good
company as many people do. I am a God fearing man, honest as the day is long and kind
hearted. People say I have a good sense of humor too. I like to go nice and slow because I
am over weight and also because I like to really take it in. I am not able at this time to
back pack. I am looking for people who really do have the true desire and time to hike. If
you would like to meet over a cup of coffee than please send me a e-mail at  Tom

December 1, 2020
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