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Utah N.P. Reopening

But there is just something wrong about a state having to pay the federal government to allow people access to public lands within its borders.

Similar thing happened here in Calif. The State "didn't have the money to keep the State Parks open", so they made a list of some 70 parks to close. A number of cities and towns nearby the particular parks plus citizen groups leaped forward to run the parks for the State, to which the State "agreed" (isn't that "ransom" or "extortion" or some such word?). Within a few weeks, the State Auditor discovered that a "few million dollars" had been being collected over the years for the purpose of running the State Parks (and somehow were "lost"), and was available to keep the parks open after all. However, the governor and legislature came up with a "better use" for the formerly missing funds.

Oh, plus suddenly the deficit that the State had been running turned into a surplus larger than the deficit had been. Instead of applying the newly discovered surplus to the programs that had been cut (schools and such), the legislature, in all its wisdom, discovered a set of NEW programs they wanted to fund instead.

Happens at all levels of government.

October 31, 2020
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