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HIgh over Yosemite

I've spent much of the last three weeks on the road, or rather in the air, traveling across the US.  And while I normally ask for (and get) an aisle seat, there were a couple of times when I sat by the window.  This last trip, on Sunday, took me from Chicago to SFO and flew right over the top of the northern part of Yosemite, from the north shore of Mono Lake to Hetch-hetchy.    I couldn't resist getting out my camera and taking a few photos.  If you want more detail, click on the photo and use the zoom option on Picasa.


The first one is of Mono Lake and its islands.


Then a shot of Young Lakes, McCabe Lakes, Mt. Conness, and Virginia Canyon, with Soldier and Return Lakes above it.


And then a shot of Hetch-hetchy  that shows Laurel Lake and Lake Vernon, where the Rim Fire appears to be finally and totally out.  No smoke at all. 1110130925.jpg

Finally, Lake Eleanor and Cherry Lake, showing a lot of the damage from the Rim Fire.

There are more photos here:

Not much snow yet!

There is no snowpack at all.  just a delicate dust of snow on N slopes


Bertrand Russell used to say that if you don't sit by a window on an airplane, you are not getting your money's worth.


I like to look at landforms from planes. It is always a geography test to recognize places from the air, especially those that you have only seen once or a long time ago. Thanks for the photos.

November 28, 2020
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