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Rock and stones found outdoors in SW Utah

Yesterday while hiking to Red Cave (see my trip report at the same) I found the four outstanding rock and stone objects below:



This is a quartz rock scraping tool about as big as a dime



And a squared quartz rock and a round one, may have been used as anvils or hammers or ?


And this a stone (Limestone or Sandstone) block with a natural hole eroded though it as round as my finger and 2 inches through the stone.


Changed your profile name eh Trouthunter? I wondered why I had not seen your old name anywhere. Did not notice it till here.

that last one is interesting.

I found the one with the hole in it beneath a area where water had flowed into a narrow chute landing right on top of the point where the hole is. Must have taken many years of monsoon rains to wash away the hole?

December 1, 2020
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