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The sun's last splendor

Last week, December 5, my wife and I went skiing south to the tree line and witnessed the sun's final send off. It could not have been a more perfect day. Situated as we are some 200 km north of the Arctic Circle we begin 6 long weeks of darkness before the sun rises again over the hills to the south. This weekend a storm swept through with 80 km/h winds and drifting snow. This morning, as we dug out, the temperature was -32C. It will be a good day to test my new Madshus Epoch skis in the frozen hard packed snow.


Hats off to you both. I watch "Life Below Zero" each week and am amazed at the people who can live there and their resourcefulness.

Great shot!

Wow, nice pic! 

Great photo!

Those are some tough conditions you describe North1 - stay safe and enjoy those skis.

plenty of batteries for the headlight I hope!

enjoy the winter.  it has snowed once in the Washington DC suburbs this year.....

It snowed here once as well in SW Utah, we had 14 inches of snow in 24 hours the first day of December. Since then it has warmed back into the 40-60's and now a month later 95% of the snow has melted and it feels like spring. I rode home from work today in shorts and a tshirt as still sweated. Mornings are still cold in the 10-30 degree area but afternoons are way above normal. Being I didn't go south this winter I like the warm afternoons!

November 30, 2020
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