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Nice night out

Snuck out after dinner once I had the evening fire set. Was 9°f when I left and dead calm.  Scouting out some stealth spots down by the river was my primary goal. I've seen them in the daylight but wanted to see which looked best by moonlight. I'm also working on breaking in some new insulated Baffins, but that is more a matter of getting used to walking in them than anything.

Once I hit the woods all bets were off though. Waxing gibbous riding high had the snow lit up like daylight.  Moon shadows from the empty limbs were all around.  I forgot all about my plans and actually just stood in the silence for about ten minutes at one point. Columbia thin shell over Bean heavy fleece was intended for a bushwhacking walk but was pretty cozy standing still for a bit.  Had to kick myself in the butt to get going again.

Anyway, my point is, its a nice night out there for a walk if you get a chance. Down to 6°f by the time I got back. Wasn't just some frost on the front of the balaclava, there was actually some frost around the ear holes in my bomber heh. Dress appropriately if you are heading out, but head out if you can!

I don't get much snow where I'm at on the East coast, but I love to camp near open water during the full moon. It really lights the place up.


Thank you for sharing your wonderful moonlit wandering. I am VERY jealous of your snow. 

agreed, you inspired me to get up early for work yesterday and spend some time enjoying a fantastic full moon....I live near a major interstate but at 4AM it was much more peaceful

I was hoping to inspire folks to get out into whatever their Winter might be. It is easy to sit by the fire and look out the window at it, but so much more fun to get out in it.

I went out again the other night in a snow storm.  We had about two feet on the ground already so walking was a bit more work but even in the storm I was navigating without a light. I only wish I didn't make so much noise. I may have to find some used x-skis so I can glide instead of stomp.

Sure hope this ice storm they have hitting us this weekend goes somewhere else.  30° warmer this morning than on Tuesday which is nice but ice is not nice!

good that you got out before the ice storm hit.

October 28, 2020
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