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Maine Huts and trail system

Looking to to a family trek either snow shoe or ski into one of the Maine Huts with wife and 8 year old boy. Wondering if anyone has had an experience they can pass on.

Looking to keep son out of video games and back into the outdoors and he is excited about this but do not want to make this a bad experience.

Highly recommended!

Stratton Brook is the closest in, about 2 miles, but fairly steep. Using the various parking areas on Long Falls Dam Rd, you can walk anywhere from 4-14 miles in, and do a variety of loops with the AT, and several side trails. There is unlimited hot coffee, cocoa tea and often snacks at the huts. It's a wonderful way to acclimate a youngster to winter trekking. It can be very cold around there, so bundle up.

Never been to Main, but wanted to applaud your endeavors, newfiebound. So many kids are suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder these days!

Goose I am also open to anything that involves outdoors to prevent screenitus. Do you live in an area that is road trip worthy for an outdoor adventure or several short tent or lean to treks Thanks


I am responsible for maintaining the hiking trails and outdoor programming at my job. My kids are playing out in the woods all the time. Since we homeschool, my kids get more time outdoors than most kids (Today is a snow day for the local school district. My kids are "in class," and get to bank this snow day for a nice sunny day later on.)

I even cleared out an area in the woods at work about a 1/8 mile from the main trails for camping and testing gear. We go out there in all kinds of weather.

Of course, when I can, I try to get off campus and out into Shawnee National Forest.

Where are you located? Bradbury mountain state park is a good spot for beginners hiking and camping. It has miles of hiking, nice views on good days from the top, and nice nature filled tent camping.

Would the isolation or difficulty of a harder hike and hut be an issue that might turn your son away, or would it be a fun challenge for him? You would know him best.

Thanks for the idea I like it as he loves a challenge! Also always looking for back country trips he is just starting to show interest, wants to hike up Gros Morne Mountain NF, which at his age is a good basic two day hike. I want to first get him out closer to home so as to create positive experiences. Picked him up a small point and shoot digital camera and looking into the kids bird watching program through Cornell University lots of fun projects, through the home school program but if it gets him out he enjoys it and learns something bonus ! Will look into Bradury State Park thanks for tip love it !

November 28, 2020
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