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HIking the PCT Alone

I just interviewed at about hiking the PCT in case anyone is interested:

I am leaving in a few weeks to hike the CDT! 

Let me know what you think :)

I read your interview on FB yesterday...Have to say it was a good interview..But I wonder why your not finishing the PCT before doing the CDT?Thats the only question I actually had after reading the interview and I wish you a great hike..

Hi Denis! 

I do plan to finish the section from Mexico to Tehachapi some day, but I wanted to do a longer hike while I have the time. Looking forward to the challenges of the CDT :) 

I liked this interview. It shows the value of transcendent sport. People that solo long trails learn to be best friends with themselves. They learn to slow down and see the world as it is. They learn to appreciate other people even if they are loners. It is a chance to get off the merry-go-round and catch up mentally with a lot of unfinished business.

I am sooo social that I am not seeking solitude when I hike...but I got plenty of it when I was on the Everest Trek because I was quite alone with my Sherpa/ As PPINE says, it teaches you to focus so differently than when you are with people. Was really a great thing for me...a treat even.


Myla Fay: Good luck and have fun!

November 29, 2020
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