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Super wide air mattress pad?

Hi everyone...

I have an odd request.  I have a twin bed made of that memory foam, and although it is a nice mattress it is a bit firm.  I have tried many mattress pad toppers made for that and they just do not work that well.  I gave away a very expensive down pad, because it did not improve the comfort and it was always poking me with feather coming through.  I can buy a new mattress, but they are so expensive, and I would more than likely be back where I started anyway.

I was going to use a regular air mattress, but they are so thick.  So the other day I had an idea.  I got out my neo air pad and shoved it under my mattress pad and the mattress. I was amazed at how comfortable it was!  I could adjust the air to the perfect amount and ended up with a great nights sleep.  The only problem was that it is so narrow. any of you know of a inflatable (camping) pad that is wide...say approaching 36 inches wide?  This way it would not shift around so much.  So what is the widest air pad you can get?



My "wide" Exped Synmat 9 is 26" wide and I think that is about as wide as camping pads get unless you go to the twin blow up mattresses.  

I had an Alps Mountaineering self-inflatable pad a couple years back in the XXL was 30" wide, 77" long, and 4" thick. I believe it's the widest/biggest available, and they can still be found.

It was a veritable inflatable bed, and it was the most comfortable, durable pad I ever used.

Big Agnes has a double-wide sleeping pad, the Hinman, that comes in a 50-inch wide version. That may be wider than you could use, but it exists. Most of the others I've seen are 20, 25, or maybe 30 inches.

I've never used it, but the Hinman is reviewed on Trailspace:

Kelty used to have a Doublewide pad, but it's no longer made:

Hope that helps.

September 20, 2020
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