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Hiking maps/Switzerland/Alpine Pass

We are in need of a topographical hiking map(s) in Switzerland going from Altdorf to Kandersteg by way of the Alpine Pass route.  We are having difficulty determining which topographical maps will cover this route.  It seems that we need the Jungfrau region book 2520t, but are unsure what other maps we need to complete this route.  Anybody able to help?

I dont know if it will help but go to this site to see the areas you are hiking:  After it loads click Start Gmap4 at the top, then under Menu on the top right click Search, then type in the location in the yellow box that opens at the top or the name of a town closest to the area.

Hint: I typed in Jungfrau and it brought up a mountain top area. One the new load after putting the location in you can go to the second box right of the Menu one to change the type of map style. You can zoom in and out with the bar on the left. And the orange human figure goes to Street Views. You can also Hold and Drag the map images around to center or find other area's.

I hope this helps. I live in the US and use or the USGS site but do not think they have maps for outside the USA.

Thank you Gary.  Greatly appreciated.

I am going to assume you are in the US. Check with Omnimap. They have the best supply of maps around the world available in the US. Their people are very helpful over the phone in selecting which maps you need to cover the areas you want. They sometimes have maps that people in the country itself cannot get. I have a friend who runs a climbing guide service in Mexico, and I can get the maps from Omni that he can't get from the Mexican government, though his father lives in Mexico City and can go to their map office.

Omni also has a good selection of guide books. The Alpine Pass Route Guide and maps are at The guidebook is published by Cicerone, which I have found produce excellent guidebooks (I have their guides to the Dolomites climbing and via ferata routes and a couple of their Austrian guides).

I am in the US and thank you Bill!

November 25, 2020
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