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Garlic for vampire bugs


Instead of putting bug spray on your skin and having to reapply after you wash or sweat, use garlic either mixed in you food or eaten raw.

Minced garlic is easiest to use. I just mix a little into my evening pasta or a bit with cheese on my lunch stop crackers. 


What it does is comes out in your sweat glands and repels the bugs from the inside out and if you consume a little every day it works 24/7!

I started using in while hiking in Alaska in the summer of 1978. Mosquitoe's won't bite, most will not even land on your skin. Deer flies,Horse flies and other biting insect as well will be repelled by the smell of your garlic scented skin and pore's. It even repels ticks.

But not to worry you will not smell like garlic.

I have never liked rubbing bug spray on my skin. I usually carry the dried skin garlic bulbs in a ziploc bag and chop a little every day to add to my pasta or just eat a small piece in the morning after breakfast.

Have a happy summer bug free if you like and use my method!

I know you do most of you hiking solo. 

Now I understand why  :)

I hike solo because I work just 2-3 months a year and take off Sept-May to hike. Few others have the time to go with me so I have gone solo for 37 years.  And all of my close hiking buddies spend more time outdoors than they do working as well and like me prefer solitude to companionship.

Plus an average of 275 days a year outdoors has given me time to gain insight on outdoor practices and how to combat the elements, bugs and animals over the last near 40 years.

November 27, 2020
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