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Trail Magic? No, Trailspace MAGIC!

Something very, very special happened to me yesterday, and a great big heartfelt thank you is in order...

I have been hopelessly buried in work these days; so much that I have been pretty inactive with Trailspace, as well as with the trails themselves. Things are beginning to look up, however. I have spent quite a bit of time here over the last year-ish or so, and have made quite a few acquaintances along the way. I cannot express how this 'space' has helped me along, and this recent experience MUST be shared with this AMAZING community.

I, like many of us, am on a pretty tight budget. With limited free time, and even more limited resources, have been working to expand the months I can be out in the backcountry. Winter. Here is where, like my norwegian heritage, I look to the wilderness for solace. As I have been researching and learning how to wisely make purchases for backpacking in winter, several challenges immediately have presented themselves. Primarily for me, two. Finding an adequate winter shelter and sleeping bag pose a very (VERY) expensive challenge. I have a pretty down-pat system overall, but without these crucial items, winter camping just doesn't happen.

A very involved member of the Trailspace community and I have been in touch over the last several months, and was going to help me out with the shelter I have been lacking. I had inquired about purchasing a used four-season tent this past winter, and things looked hopeful. To my surprise yesterday, I received a Hilleberg Staika in the mail. Free. No strings attached (except the guy lines). Someone I have never met, only spoke with on this site here and there, found the kindness to practice some VERY REAL Trailspace magic. I would love to share your name right now ****, but want to respect your good deed (and anonymity).  

This is but one example of how this community is much, much more than one just reviewing gear, but part of a love for the outdoors, and fellowship. 

Thank you ****, and thank you Trailspace!!!!!!


What a nice story.  Enjoy and pass on the magic when you get the chance though I bet you won't be passing that tent on any time soon :)

Woah! This is amazing.

After a week of overwhelming bad news of 2 school shootings being uncomfortably close to home and the uprising in Iraq, it's nice to finally read some good news. Thanks for sharing.

Wow, that is a wonderful story, Sean! Thanks so much for sharing it, even if you can't share that member's name.

I'm sure you'll pass on the good deed to someone else in some way in the future.

Enjoy your tent!

Very generous, thank you for sharing.


That's what it's all about!! Great to hear and a good deed for sure.

I like this story:-)...and very thoughtful of you to note it on the forums Sean!

LoneStranger said:

What a nice story.  Enjoy and pass on the magic when you get the chance though I bet you won't be passing that tent on any time soon :)


I agree this is totally cool.  I've met more than one Angel through the years (I'm sure we all have).  As LS said, I think the key is to keep that good deed going in the years to come.  That kind of thing makes lives a little bit better for all of us.

Personally I like to help with the Scout groups I work with.  Anytime I see a Scout that does not have a full or proper kit I'll ask the parent(s) if I can participate.

Pay it forward!

Wow, that it very, very cool! 

I don't know who the generous fellow member was, but tip my hat and say good on ya' mate! 

October 24, 2020
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