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Guy line damage

Anyone else had this issue?

After the first night of our first trip with our brand new tent, I was packing up the tent when I noticed that one of the guy lines for the tent looked odd—frayed, frazzled, and worn. 

The only explanation was a rodent chewing away on it, hoping to capture some of the fibers for a nest? 


We’re just happy that the little guy (yuck yuck) didn’t eat all the way through and send the tent collapsing around our ears.  Stands up to gale force winds, rain, hail…

Brought down by a chipmunk.

Take a plastic drinking straw and slide it over the frayed section then heat it with a match or lighter to shrink it around the guy line to strengthen the area. 

Maybe to get the salt from your sweat which was left on the line?  I have had shoelaces chewed up at home - not the shoes, just the laces.

They were brand new lines.  No sweat.  Honest.

Haha, doesn't surprise me one bit.

Although I have never had this particular problem, I have had quite a few rodent gnawing incidents. The most recent was this past winter - something chewed a hole in one of my backpacks external pockets to get at a trail bar I had packed away there.

My bad, I should have known better, and the little critter ate about a half inch of the bar  through the small hole it had made.

I have also had raccoons chew on plastic coolers when car camping.

I guess nothing is really off limits to these little guys huh?

In Alaska during my bicycle tour across the state I had a bear or porcupine eat on my spare tire. 

November 28, 2020
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