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The Curse of Island Lake

Three times.

Three times we have made plans to hike to Island Lake in the Desolation Wilderness.  And three times our plans have been foiled.  Once because M wasn't feeling well.  Once because a huge storm was predicted (and delivered.)  And now the King Fire.

Tahoe National Forest has announced that all hiking in Desolation Wilderness should be abandoned until that massive fire is under control---and it is 5% contained at this point.  It has destroyed homes, injured firefighters, and carbonized over 100,000 acres of forest.  And it has closed US 50 for a few miles as well.

So even if we WANTED to go hiking there, we couldn't get through to the trailhead.  We've had other trips cancelled, both because of fire (in Yosemite) or other reasons.  But we've never had to cancel the same itinerary more than once, except for Island Lake.

And now it's three times. 


Ever had to cancel a trip more than once to the same place?

I've not had to cancel, but I now have two hikes up the same mountain in Scotland (Ben Nevis) where my plans had to be changed due to weather.

First time was spring last year when I was about 400 feet from the summit and had to turn around due to unexpected icy conditions which I did not prepare for (my fault).... it bothered me for more than a year!

Two weeks ago, I went to the same mountain to try to go up via a knife edge ridge scramble along the north face.... unfortunately the weather was so poor that I had to bail on that plan and go up the regular route.... so while I am satisfied that I did get to summit it, it is now two trips to this same area that did not go as expected....

Which means I have to go again!

I cancelled Mt Baker twice this year, I'm waiting till next year, grrr.  I feel ya.

I hate to hear that, I don't recall ever cancelling three times for the same trip, but it's got to be disappointing especially if you've done a lot of planning to make the trip a success.

I sure hope you get to make the trip soon!

I read that the Desolation Wilderness opened again a couple days ago.  I guess the rain & snow last week must have helped in fighting the King Fire.

I've found myself planning trips around fire (smoke) conditions too, this year and last.  Let's hope these big fires don't continue ...

Yep.  We won't make any plans for Island Lake, Bill.  That way we hope we can keep the trail open for others! grin.

November 23, 2020
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