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Borah Bivy

I am looking for a lightweight bivy for use with a tarp. Anyone ever try one made by Borah?

I will take the zero response as a no. What kind breathes and doesn't cost $200?

Sorry, no experience with the Borah, but I have used the MLD Superlight Bivy from spring through fall with tarps this year. I got it with the option of the entire "hood" area being mesh, and to me this was great for keeping condensation from being an issue. Obviously not as "water resistant" as a result, but at least I dont get soaked from inside the bag as has been my experience with conventional bivvies.

Unfortunately, it does cost $175, which in my opinion is a bit high for a little cover made of very thin fabric.

I have traditionally used this military surplus goretex bivy

Its heavy at 2lb 4oz, but it only cost $50 new.

I made my own for about 40.00 US. The top is a 2.5 breathable fabric and the bottom is a coated nylon.


Looks like your quite handy Joseph! How good is its water repelancy?

Is that a "no seeum" over the air pad?

September 28, 2020
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