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So you ever seen anything creepy or unexplained?

So I thought this maybe a fun topic. Mine was the first time I heard a Mt.Lion scream I was young and not expecting to ever hear something like that. Myself and the 4 other campers I was with kicked up that fire and stayed wide awake as we heard it 2 more times.As soon as it was light enough we packed out and went to the ranger station to tell them what we heard up there in case someone was hurt or missing .He smiled and pulled out a tape recorder and played back exactly what we heard! He told us what it was and we all felt much better. Saw a few odd rock formations way off the trails you could tell they had been there awhile but that's about it.

does purple hair with nose rings stings with beads hanging everywhere count? then there was the time me and 2 nephews were about 3 mile in on Coosa trail at Volgel st park. 30 min till dark tent just set up and about to eat when down the trail come a real macho flake(best way i can think to describe this guy) giving a dissertation on Shakespheare right behind him about 2 yard( and keeping pace wearing a sweater like little girls will do sleeves 2 feet to long ) was his audience a guy very much less macho. well us and the trees heard the dissertation also as they went down the trail. well about 5 or 10 min later here they came back. still talking ol Shakespheare. Neither time was a word spoken between us and them not even a how ya doing.We figured that was culture lost in nature!!! and we figured it was probably best we didn't interrupt as we was sorely lacking in culture. Oh and there was the time some coyotes or a bobcat but I'm fairly sure it was a couple of coyotes ripped some thing apart ten feet away or so in the dark pretty darn sickening sounds straight out of Marlin Perkins wild kingdom 



Once in the upper reaches of Virginia Canyon in Yosemite, a long way from anywhere, and in the middle of the night, either a fox or puma scream.  (they sound very similar.)  Wow. 


Second time was also in Yosemite, near Boundary lake, which is ten  + miles in from the trailhead, and off trail by a couple of miles.   Middle of the afternoon, and I guy walks by in shorts, no shirt, no pack, nothing else.  huh?  We never did figure out what he was doing, or where he came from.  We spent two more days there, never saw another soul.

I was paddling the Trinity River in northern California back in the 1990s, and had my wife's then 16 year old sister in the bow of my canoe.  In the first hour of the trip, we came around a corner and there was a guy standing up playing the guitar without a stitch of clothing on.  We were in Bigfoot country and had just come from a town with Bigfoot on everything like motels, stores and a big statue in town. We saw no Squatch, but had a visit from two bears during dinner. My dogs chased both of them back into the woods.  We were in the Emerald Triangle where there were lots of dope growers. We met people sitting on the beach on a Tuesday. I asked once "what do people do here to make a living?" "Oh nothing" the guy replied.

Coyotes going wild, probably because they were tearing something apart.  It doesn't sound like the coyotes on tv. 

Floating the Klamath River for a week, we were on one stretch on a Saturday. The area was full of placer miners. It was legal to have dredges in the old days. Some were commercially made and some were homemade with old VW engines. They were a friendly group that was fun to talk with. Two guys chucked me cold beers without saying a word. Good times.

Mountain lions and coyotes are always interesting to hear. I love to wake up at 0400 to hear elk bugling and owls hooting.

Does picking through a bag of trail mix with Sasquatch while rest on a log at midday count?

I saw a fox take a squirrel once and a hawk take a gosling in my back yard when we lived spitting distance from Mount Vernon.  Momma goose was screaming and thrashing for all but to no avail.  Not really creepy but cool to see in such a developed area.  

The property was backed by Dogue Creek.  In the middle of the night we'd hear the beavers' teeth squeaking on the trees.

I once saw a white ball of light, looked like the old street light globes, come through the woods and pass by over head. Made no noise and just disappeared out of sight.

Didn't really startle me but it sure would have if it had made a big noise or landed. Never did figure out what I saw and not sure I  want to.

Crossing a rocky river one time in a pretty good current I was already on edge and alone and thinking about getting an ankle stuck in the rocks or me being knocked over, I saw this white limb like thing in the rocks and with the movement of the water I couldn't tell what it was so with great care I  bent over and grabbed it and pulled it out...I didn't hold on long, it was a deer leg...that kind of spooked me :)

And a long way from a road or field I have twice seen an ear of corn hanging in a tree. That's weird but I guess a Crow or Raven put it there?

Bill Hudson said:

Does picking through a bag of trail mix with Sasquatch while rest on a log at midday count?

 So how big is he anyway and how long does it take him to wash his hair? Inquiring mind wanna know

old Guide was the ball of light in NC buy chance ? I've heard of 2 mountains down there where you can see this on a regular basis. I think one is called Brown Mountain. 

The books Missing 411 or you can catch it on YouTube is kinda freaky. It goes into how many people go missing in the National Park Service and how they handle certain situations. It's interesting to say the least.

tracker clayton 2 said:

old Guide was the ball of light in NC buy chance ? I've heard of 2 mountains down there where you can see this on a regular basis. I think one is called Brown Mountain. 

 Tracker, No it was actually in NYS.

August 12, 2020
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