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Hiking Minnesota's north shore (Lake Superior)

Son is doing a weeklong trip there in September.  I have a general understanding of the weather he'll see, I lived in MN for four years.  However, i haven't hiked that area (somewhere between Duluth and Grand Portage, don't know much more than that).  Any know how on trail conditions, food storage would be appreciated.  

The country is flat and glaciated with deranged drainages. Some relief is provided by features of glacial depostion like eskers and drumlins.  The trails tend to be wet, sometimes swampy. sometimes rocky.  No MN supports plenty of bears. Plan to hang your food at night.  Insects will be minimal by Sept.

A great place to visit in September! If I knew exactly which trails your son would be on I could be more helpful. Some of the trails in those parts are not maintained very well anymore due to a large forest fire that happened in 2007. Mainly the ones that are further to the North from Lake Superior, and into the BWCA. The forest is reviving itself nicely, but there was a lack of interest by hikers, etc, after the fire so the maintenance efforts dwindled. There are a lot of trails, campsites, in that area though so it all depends on which ones you would be using. There is a wealth of information available on the US Forest Service web sites. Be warned however, those Gov't websites are very poorly laid out so as to make finding what you are looking for difficult at times.  A bear proof food container is a good idea, but not needed if he will be camping in a state park, as they provide large metal food lockers in the campsites. If he will be hanging food study up on the subject, there is a right and wrong way of doing it successfully.

I assume he is hiking the Superior Hiking Trail.  I've done several segments on day hikes and long weekends.  Will need to hang food or use bear canisters.  Generally the Superior Hiking Trail is well maintained.  Lots of up and down, but you are not in the mountains so it isn't horrible.  Great time of year to visit.  Just looked at my avatar, that was a September trip on the Superior Hiking Trail.  If you find out a more specific location please post.

September 20, 2020
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