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1:24 p.m. on August 7, 2016 (EDT)
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How does one obtain the proper back country maps in Denali? With over 6 million acres and no guarantee of permits for specific back country zone's. What's the best way to have the right map for the right area?

9:19 p.m. on August 7, 2016 (EDT)
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According to the Denali web site, maps are available at the Backcountry Information Center (seems logical) where you obtain your permit.  Those nice rangers wouldn't dream of sending you into the wilderness without a map...

10:22 a.m. on August 8, 2016 (EDT)
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Thanks! I figured as much. Most of the Maps supplied by the N Parks are more or less for references. im more interested in a up to date, waterproof topo in a 1:50,000scale. Just wondering if i should wait to " see" whats available once im there or pick something up in Anchorage?

11:35 a.m. on August 8, 2016 (EDT)
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You can easily obtain maps of Denail from the USGS map offices. If you don't have one close by (which I do - the Menlo Park map office is just a couple miles up the road from me), you can download them from several on-line map sites. Look first for the USGS Map Offices when searching the web.

Problem is, the USGS maps are a rather small scale 1:100,000. Not much detail as with any small scale map ("small scale" means the the detail are small to tiny)

12:14 p.m. on August 11, 2016 (EDT)
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You can also look at maps of the area at for free. Just go to the site then , click on the blue highlighted top where it says Start Gmap4 and display default map Then on the opened page, go to Menu on the top right. click it and then go to Search, a orange subject line will open at top, type Denali National Park AK and  click the Enter tab on your keyboard, then zoom out with the +/- symbols at top left. then go to the top right again and click where it says t1 Terrain and go to My Topo USA-Canada click that and it will open a topographical view of the park. Now hold and drag the view to where ever you want to view. 

Gmap4 is a great site for seeing all kinds of views of anywhere in the world. On the t1 Terrain area you can see aerial satellite view's. When Aerial Google Hybrid is opened a little orange figure appears , hold and drag it to anywhere with a blue line on roads to see Google Street views. Even places like the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon can be view in "Street View".

I use Gmap4 to plot my hikes and bicycle tours. 

Denali is a great park! I backpacked it the summers of 1978,79 and 2006, spending the whole summers in 78-79 from June to August. Lots of wildlife including bears,moose,caribou,bison,wolves etc. 

I guess you are planning a trip for next summer or later this one? Seasons are short there with spring, summer and fall lasting just a couple months total. Break up (when the ice begins to melt) on the Nenana River and Yukon and other rivers is in early June and it begins to refreeze by late August to early September. Snow and sleet is possible any day of the summer. 

Good luck up there!

Also if you join you can print copies of all the park topos you choose in many map sizes (Example 1/10,000,1/25,000,1/50,000.1/100,000, etc)  I think its like $29.99 for a one year membership. Then you can find and print all the maps you want or order them from the site. Their maps are only for the USA states. Gmap4 is available for anywhere in the world!

11:30 p.m. on August 12, 2016 (EDT)
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The USGS has maps of the area in the scale you desire, Drew; however, these maps lack charting of man made stuff.

MyTopo is another good on-line map resource.


February 20, 2020
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