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Cellphones in Yellowstone

Not sure Yellowstone counts as the "backcountry" any more, but this article made me less inclined to visit again...

Note my previous link had some issues but hopefully the cbs one will work.

Phil, I assume you did not intend it, but when I clicked on the link you provided, an ad popped up about something referred to as "Madison" (the link includes a " I noted that the site started pulling out a lot of information through the modem, and my malware screener popped up warnings.

Your point about cells in the backcountry is a very valid one. During the climbing course I taught during the last couple of weeks in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in northern New Mexico featured a lot of the students checking their cells multiple times a day (no coverage at the campsites, but good signals on the tops of the ridges - hey guys, we are here to climb, not to keep up on the folks back home, the latest in the political nonsense, or even the state of the world militarization).

I did not intend that. I got to it through a local news source and that didn't happen. I'll try to edit the post to prevent that.

When you get to the good places assume no cell coverage. 

I don't understand why people are convinced they need to be plugged in 24/7...I only use my phone for a camera or to check an app occasionally. My car camping area is in the National Forest away from things..Soon as you turn on that dirt road 0 cell coverage and I like it that way,,,

Much of yellowstone and the vast wildernesss surrounding it does not have coverage aside from ridges and summits and sometimes not then either. Most people see less than 1% of the park.

Cellphones are a lifeline our parents didn't have. People should turn them off on the trail or put to vibrate/silent. 

I can understand if someone uses their cell incesantly but otherwise I think wtf cares.

I don't own one.  I'd jam their reception in my restaurant if it were legal.  

Yea, I have serious issues, I don't like competing with a gizmo for the attention of my traveling companion.  I think cellular tech is a bane as used by the overwhelming majority of society.  WE ARE ON VACATION, WHY ARE YOU CHECKING YAHOO NEWS AND CALLING THE OFFICE!  Some folks are so preoccupied with their tech that I might as well be camping solo.  If I venture out with these souls I plan activities for the event as if I was alone.  A companion thought he lost his phone on day two of an extended trip - strange that it happened to turn up just when we got back to civilization...


Yellowstone has plenty of backcountry, you just can't see it from the road.

January 20, 2021
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