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Shout out to TS members for excellent advice!

Phil, Jason and Denis - for all the trail advice and saving us from 12 plus hours of driving.

Patrick (Patman) - as I recall he mentioned one time about using a trash compactor bag on the feet of his sleeping bag for warmth . Well I remembered that the other day up near Rhododendron Gap. The condensation was so bad that I noticed that the bottom of my bag way in danger of wetting out where my feet are touching the tent walls. I forget who gave me the idea to use a trash bag in my pack, and this was the 1st time I actually brought one, but it works great. WAY to go Patrick! Much appreciated you help up all.

also would like to mention 

TIPI- his 2012 trip report for Grayson was an excellent resource for that area.

JR - about not hanging a bear canister. Didn't need one this go round but I still remember that from a few years ago.

And Many Others!

Thanks Gang! Keep doing what you do.

p.s. anyone else have a shout out to a fellow member?

Oh wow, too many to remember all at once, but yes special thanks to Goose, LS, Andrew, Bill, Kiwi, Pillow, Joseph, Phil and Phil, Pat, Kelly, Mike, David, Alicia, Franco, Tipi, Ppine, Rambler, Denis, balzaccom, 300, and many more. And of course special mention to Ed for his restraint in discussions about trekking poles ;-)

JR, actually I'll reverse that shout-out and thank everyone for tolerating this opinionated, pissy old white man's ranting about all things considered.  But honestly I enjoy the interaction even when the target of ire.  But otherwise I second JR's shout, no matter how much experience one has, there is always more to learn from others, and there are quite a few others on this forum.


I always take notes when overmywaders posts something. Same with North. Much appreciated.

I am very grateful that others have found value in my contributions. Grateful that my journey allows me to help others in their journey.

Pouring one out for our members who may yet join us again: Gonzan, Ricky-P, Dewey, kutenay, and coutless unnamed.

Man so many to mention and also point out. Zeth for insight straight head and doing a fantastic job with the review corp...Alicia and Dave for knowledge and dropping some insight when they can..Giving us the oppertunity to connect in our community...Bill S with some great advise and a wise word here and there...Pilllowthread for being one of the people to turn me on to different companies and just being chill...Jeff ( sage to snow) for being a great dad and  sharing his love for the mountains and his knowledge of Mountaineering,..Andrew For great reviews in products that been tested so well and leaving a lasting impression...Rick former member that set a high bar for certain things and added to the community...Gonzon who's talent in painting also was a kindling soul in the outdoors...Bill H for his adding to the community with knowledge and Insight and good reviews...Tippi for knowledge and the great trip reports...Patman for his trips and good word on products and inspinration...Phil for the solid advise and reviews and Just being chummy....LS for a wise word good reviews and splendid trips...ED for the wise words and advise and down to earth insight...John for just giving what he knows that works for him and Just being a good person...Rambler helped me in more ways than can be said...Like I said there's to many to Name....But they all make this community...I will add this one JR for showing some products I knew about and wanted to hear about and others I had no idea and learned...just great people   BIG RED AND PPINE for the natural sciences of the house and knowledge....Eric for his knowledge and experience in watercraft...PS I really want to see some of his work as a cHinamontographer...Would be awesome...

I echo all these and can't think of many more in my time on TS...I do miss Trouthunter's (Mike Gartman) advice and tidal swamp hanging camps...and I'm sure we are missing a few more.

Just a great bunch of folks to hang out, debate, laugh, and learn with in this little corner of the web...

This is a thoughtful bunch of people that all get along with each others. Thanks. 

I find this quite refreshing, other forums most are thankful but some dissapear after several have put serious effort into helping them. May the trail rise up to meet you all!

I agree John, I've learned a lot reading these forums. Trailspace is an unusual little corner of the internet. 

Ok, that's got to be TS's new slogan...who knows photoshop?...

Trailspace: An unusual little corner of the internet

January 28, 2021
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