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The Emerald Mile

My wife, daughter, and I all found this to be a real page turner. It is built around a retelling of the fastest-ever run through the Grand Canyon, but along the way we revisit the Powell expedition, grumble and mutter our way through the lead-up to and building of the Glen Canyon Dam, sweat through a gripping account of the near-failure of the damn Dam (the engineers are given due respect!), and meet some of the many colorful personalities that repeatedly run rafts and wooden dories through monster rapids -- not least Kenton Grua, "captain" of the Emerald Mile. Near the end are some metaphysical, "river of stars" musings, but author Kevin Fedarko, who worked Grand Canyon rafts himself for a few years and now writes for Outside, is such a good writer that these are as engaging as all the rest of the book. It has a place on the top shelf of my outdoor books bookshelf.

I don't see these kind of "outdoor stories" books reviewed in TS's books and maps section, so I'll just put this out there for the current TS crew to notice and follow up on as you will.

I just got the book for Xmas. I will make it next after finishing the Wild Adventures of John Muir.  Thanks BigRed. 

I’ve read 34 books since The Emerald Mile but it still stands strong in memory, the various intertwining tales each with its own high drama. The year and the incredible floods are still clear in mind as well. Highly recommended reading. 

Always looking for a good read...thanks. I may try this as my first foray into ebook reading...going to try to get used to that prior to a longer backpacking trip where the weight of books will add up.

Thank you for the suggestion.With the weather up and down I was looking for something instead of TV.

Phil -- 

I have it as an e-book but we (my wife) ended up buying it in hard copy for the pictures -- they're pretty reduced and lo-res on an e-book reader. Another book I bought electronically but kinda wish I had in hard copy is Kelly Cordes' The Tower, which also covers the climbing history of Cerro Torre and has a section of gorgeous photos of Patagonia peaks and some showing the routes on all sides of Cerro Torre. I read that one twice in one year, something I almost never do, but it's that good. I gave a hard copy of it to a buddy of mine for his birthday, probably should have ordered two.

November 28, 2021
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