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My name is Thomas Hooker and I posted this ad in a effort to find other hikers who do not care for the group style of hiking to hike with. The thing I dislike about hiking with groups is you have to keep up and not be able to stop and just sit and enjoy the sights at will at the extra nice looking spots along the trail? I found that when you are new to a group the other hikers talk mostly to the hikers they know and little to you? It is also hard to hear and hence communicate well with the people if front of you because you all hike in a line. If you agree and are interested in trying hikes with just one or two other hiker hikers, than lets talk. When I hike with a friend we go slow and really take in the sights. When my friend or I see something interesting along the trail or a real beautiful spot we stop and take as much time as we want to talk about and observe it. I am a 58 year old family man who fell in love with the most unpopular activity there is in West Michigan. My family does not care for hiking and I do not enjoy doing it alone. I am looking to find others to hike with in a non group setting. I have done group hikes and find it is not my style of hiking. I have a wonderful , faithful marriage of 29 years and am only looking for others to hike with and nothing more. Am a just a older man just looking to do as many hikes as I can in the years I have left. I think you would find me to be good company as many people do. I am a God fearing man, honest as the day is long and kindhearted. People say I have a good sense of humor too. If you like to do at least 4 hour hikes and are a good person with good morals and would be interested in the ideal of a hiking partner lets meet over a meal to discuss the possibility of hiking together.  I am only looking for those who have a true enjoyment of hiking, the time to hike on some weekends, and the health to hike. I only hike from June 1 to October 31. If you are interested e-mail me at hiker1@chartermi.net I will not be doing a hike announcement to the general public on my meet up site due to the fact I like to meet the people I hike with first and in order to do this I need members who can find the time to respond to my invite to discuss the possibility of hiking together over a meal. I own a Meet Up group for finding more hikers to join us. https://www.meetup.com/West-Michigan-Hiking/members/You will never be asked for a penny. In my group you are more than welcome to bring your kids, friends or dogs. I have found trails at over 200 hundred places all in the West Michigan area. You tell me what is your favorite type of landscape to hike in and I can show you hiking trails going through it. Go to my Meet Up group and look it over. If you decide you would like to join than I would like to meet you over a meal and discuss the possibility of hiking together first before allowing membership. Thanks and have a good day and may God bless. Thomas Hooker

April 2, 2020
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