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Bought my last national park pass!

Friday before last when I went to Walnut Canyon, I purchased my last national park pass, the senior pass for $80, good for the rest of my life (unless I lose it)

After more than 40 years and about $600 of yearly passes, I am finally glad to be old enough to get my last pass.

I also retired (semi) in February on Social Security. But I am going to continue to work summers as I have for 36 years, I can make up to $16,000 a year as well as the $700 a month I am getting on SS.

This summer I am working May 8th to Sept 8th at the north rim of the Grand Canyon. I got the job via in early January. 

Thats cool. Im on disability so I got a free lifetime pass. Will be going to 3 National Parks this year so thats like $75.

Cool!  I got mine a couple of years ago.  Still makes smile when I look at it.

Rock on Gary! Hope you get plenty of use out of that thing. Its a shame they make you pay one more fee to get that senior pass now. It used to be free and still should be, especially for folks who have paid for passes for years.

I don't mind paying really, but I am looking forward to finally being old enough to get the senior pass. Every year when I go to buy my new annual pass I arrive at the ranger station sporting my full winter beard which is quite gray and my lovely dark hair buried under a hat. Each year they start to tell me how old timers like me can get the senior pass and I have to pull my hat off to explain that I have a long time to wait yet :p

September 28, 2020
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