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Pump filter or gravity/ squeeze filter?

What do you experienced outdoors people prefer for providing safe water, a pump filter or the gravity/squeeze bag type?

I like ULA Amigo Pro because it is lightweight and easy to use.

There's also the LifeStraw. I'm curious about it since it claims that their system can remove 99.999% of viruses like Rotavirus and Hepatitis A.

I've been using my current gravity set up for a couple of years and find it works well for me. I use a Platy Big Zip as my dirty bag, a full sized Sawyer filter rather than the mini because the mini was a lot slower and a 3l Platy clean bag.

Takes a little fiddling to hook everything up, but then it does all the work while I eat or do something else. Few minutes later I have enough to fill both of my water bottles, then chug the rest or stash the extra if I need to carry more.

Added benefit is that I have a lot of water carrying capacity if needed. Once I've done the first bag I can run another 3l through and even reload the dirty if I really need to.

Squeeze-type for solo ventures.

Squeeze for warm temps. aqua-mira drops or tabs for freezing temps

September 24, 2020
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