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How To Get Water From Trees

Really, never taught us this in Boy Scouts !

This is a parlor trick.  Any country wet enough to support a forest will have water on it.  You just have to know where to look. 

ppine said:

This is a parlor trick.  Any country wet enough to support a forest will have water on it.  You just have to know where to look. 

Pretty much...  The fact Cody refers to this as a survival technique, suggests utilizing a tomahawk, is packing a side arm, and has a dog name Bubba kinds alludes to who is the target audience.  Another of his tubes is his essential gear list - it is even more entertaining than the typical prepper/survivalist kit.  A partial listing of his gear includes:

  • Two fixed blade knives, one large, the other even larger.  Additionally he carries  a large folding knife on his person.
  • A tomahawk.
  • A folding saw.
  • Two - count em - two full rolls of electrical tape, and a full roll of duct tape!
  • Two compasses.
  • Two different kinds of non-flaming fire starters, yet no mention of a lighter or matches.
  • Three different kinds of fire starter materials.
  • Three different kinds of fishing line and a bag of lures and hooks.
  • A pair of cheap walkie talkies.  I found this item especially amusing.  I tried using similar hand sets about ten years, when first teaching my daughter to ski.  But these are line of sight technology and proved useless, even around the small, local, ski area.
  • His layers were a military field jacket and base layer top.  (maybe four less blades and ditching the 2W radios would afford more weight going toward a layering system.)
  • No sleeping bag.
  • He makes no mention of his side arm.

There is lots of cammi in his kit, but since some of his other videos have him clean shaven and sporting a short hair cut, I figure him to be in the military service, perhaps recently discharged.

He has a small library of vids similar to these.  The obvious tell to his BC techniques was the debris dome shelter he built.  Fun, I guess, I used to build forts and tree  houses as a kid...  The thing is I like Cody, despite his confusing his hobby with practical woodsman skills.  He seems the quintessential, articulate good ol' boy (not to be confused with redneck).  I imagine Ppine could make a real woodsman of Cody, given the chance!


The survivalists are a very confused group.  They love to make gear lists.  Then once in awhile someone tries to carry all the stuff on their list. They make it about 5 miles and quit because they are worn out or injured. 

If you have skill, you don't need to carry much.  I would like to go on a trip with Matt Graham. 

During the last drought, I was backpacking in the Sierra at high elevations.  Even the solid blue lines on the map, the perennial streams were dried up.  We were on a day hike and about out of water.  We were preparing to dig in a low spot in a stream bed.  My partner and I both had our dogs along.  They found water for us around the next bend. In fact they found water several times a day when we could not see it.  They went down in the steep gullies with willows.  They wandered further.  Another example of a dog as a secret weapon. 

August 12, 2020
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