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First post in a while

Hello all.  It has been nearly ten years since I have posted on this forum.  Not sure why the absence, vicissitudes of life I guess.  I’ll be looking in here regularly from now on.  

Anyway, I’m a guy in his early 80’s, still backpacking but slower week by week.  My last long walk was the JMT in 2014; I was 76 that year.  I live in a rural part of SE Arizona and can get out pretty much year-around but prefer warmer weather now.  

I’ve started a blog on the subject of backpacking in one’s mature years.  It is a bit eclectic but the intent is to share experiences of hiking in our later years.  Anyone who might be interested can see it at 

Hey Pika, 

Welcome back.  Good to hear your still on the trail.

Here is a recent thread, which is still open, kinda dealing with the subject of your blog.

Hi Pika

Nice to see your name on s post again.  I bet you've got some interestinn ideas for winter hiking...

Welcome back pika....This is so interesting to hear from backpackers who are much older than I....It gives me a challenge to be a rolling stone for the rest of my life rather than a couch potato....

Welcome back Pika. One of us might have followed the other on the JMT in 2014. I was semi-leader of a two-family group that stated on July 15 and finished 24 days later. Also, I though I have resettled in Norway, I recently spent a full year in Tucson, and have posted a few trip reports from around the region. I'm just a young pup compared to you, but I hope to still be hitting the trails when I reach your age. Lead on!

Welcome back, Pika!

We're glad to have you here to share your stories and experiences.


Welcome back! Looks like your blog has some interesting topics.

August 7, 2020
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