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Mystery corpse found on Mt Williamson, Sierra

Adding to the mystery: no backpacking gear was found.  The article states the soul appears intentionally laid to rest, yet it would be a substantial task for companions recover the deceased's kit.


In remote areas, a body can rest for years, even decades. The shoes and belt (and DNA) may provide some clues, and bones can help guess at a cause of death. 

Yeah pretty interesting read it myself this morning. Sure would be nice if the authorities can solve who he was. The story about the WWII airman is pretty interesting also. after 63 years. Here is the link for it.

People die in the outdoors fairly often.  My GP general physician was an avid outdoor person.  He went on a trip, decided to climb a peak late in the day, came down in the dark and fell to his death.  Time to find a new doctor. 

I used to hunt in one of the high central ranges of Nevada.  There is a wooden marker of a guy who had a heart attack and died doing what he loved.  His friends got permission from the Forest Service and buried him on the spot. 

A year after my bad mule wreck in 2007, a doctor told me I had a 50/50 chance to make to a hospital due to blood clots. 

Be careful out there.  LIfe in the outdoors has a thin margin for error like "A Razor's Edge."

The soul may have been a Manzanar Internment Camp resident (article).


a really dark period in our history. i won't wax political about how that compares to today, but it would be fairly remarkable if there were something to this article, and it would explain the lack of clothing (hypothermia, may have taken clothes off himself) and gear and the fact he appeared to have been laid to rest.  

December 5, 2020
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